On Daily Grooming

Having a small baby means beauty and grooming is a luxury. It is a time when I can be alone and taking care of myself for a change. On days when I can have PapaLorp to watch BabyLorp for a little bit before he goes to work, I take the advantage of taking my time to get myself ready.

It never cases to amaze me the amount of products I use in daily basis to get myself ready. Whenever I travel, my cosmetic bag is always brimming to the top. Not a good idea, considering airlines are limiting the amount of liquid toiletries -- but we’ll save this traveling and packing subject for some other time. For now, I wish I can simplify my daily regime, both from the number of products and steps. However, I feel everything I use here are the bare minimum. Perhaps I am a bit too high-maintenance but am not ready to admit it?

On this post, I will share with you the general daily grooming that I do. On next several posts, I will share some details about my favorite products.

Normally, I take shower in the morning. After the shower, I usually towel dry my hair and put on a little bit of grooming cream. I usually blow dry my hair or in the summer, I just air-dry. A good, walk-and-go haircut is a must for me. For that reason, I am very selective of my hair stylist; I need someone who can give me the best hair cut that will work best with my hair texture. I have had my hair long and short in the past, and believe it or not, having longer hair is less of a maintenance than shorter hair. Long hair looks the same every time after shower, or without shower, and it does not need to be cut/maintained in regular basis. Shorter hair needs to be cut every 3 months in order to maintain the style. I found this to be burdensome and expensive. I opt for medium-length hair, which affords me versatility of styling without the upkeep.

While my hair is drying, I prep my skin. I use Paula’s Choice skin care products and use sunscreen religiously. Even when it is cloudy outside, I still wear sunscreen. The damaging rays are the ultraviolets; no amount of cloud cover can shield these rays from the skin. Skin care is usually followed by minimal make up.

When I’m in a time crunch, I usually skip shower and just wash my face and prep my skin. If I have a little bit of time, I would shower but skip washing my hair.

Shower, skin care prep and make up seem like a lot, and it does feel like it sometimes. I even wonder if there are steps that I can condense together to make my rituals simpler. But for me, shower and make up can be done in 30 minutes flat. When I have the time to shower and put on my make up, I feel like a brand new person, ready to face the challenges of the day.

What grooming rituals do you do daily?

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