Beauty on a budget

Most of us already know: splurge on foundation, skimp on mascara. I will share with you one of my favorite money-saving tips on beauty products that I learned along the way. Perhaps this tip is lesser-known, but it works for me.

Buy designer/brand name accent color of the season, and not the drugstore dupe. Accent color to me usually is either lipstick or nail polish.

Whether it be YSL Rouge Pur Couture or Chanel Paradoxal, it is better to purchase the designer brand than the drugstore dupes. Why? Because buying the brand name product also means not only buying that specific color but also that specific texture, finish, shimmer, etc. that will never be dupe-able with mainstream drugstore brands.

Whenever I clean up my makeup drawer, the number one item that get tossed are the drugstore dupe lipsticks/nail polishes that I kept buying because I thought I was saving money by not buying the real McCoy. In search of the perfect dupe, I always bought multiples of look-alike drugstore items, but I soon discovered that the color wasn't quite right, the shimmer was too obvious, etc. If I have the guts to tally up how much I spent on those dupes, I bet I could have just bought that one shade and be done with it. Besides, one accent "it" color is usually all it takes to complete the makeup look. The rest can be easily filled in with products you already owned.

Even better, information on the it-color is readily available now from blogs, YouTube channels, etc. The original makeup artist who made up the cover of beauty magazines or created the runaway look from fashion shows often list the product name that they use. Even J.Crew now come up with their own version of the catchy red lipstick which graces the models' lips on their catalogs, a collaboration with FACE Stockholm. Finding the exact shade is no longer a guess work -- that is if it happens to suit your skin color.

For more insider tips on lipstick, check out this blog post (the blog, sadly, hasn't been updated for quite some time, but I am hoping that she is still blogging).

What is your favorite tip in order to save on makeup or beauty products?

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