Burberry to buy out license from Inter Parfums, Inc

One of my favorite makeup brand is Burberry Beauty. Most makeup fans know that there are only a few large companies which produce the majority of main-stream cosmetics brands, both in department store and in drugstores. For example, the L'Oreal Group are responsible for brands such as Giorgio Armani cosmetics, Lancome, Shu Uemura as well as L'Oreal drugstore brand. I wouldn't be surprised if the same mascara trend from Lancome or Giorgio Armani can be found in their cheaper drugstore L'Oreal brand (thus I never buy department store brand name mascara for this reason). Another example: Estee Lauder, Inc. which responsible for MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Tom Ford and La Mer. Again, you can tell that the products from these lines all tend to have the same items (BB creams perhaps?), same type of packaging, same feel, etc.

However, from the first time I tried Burberry products, I knew it is somehow not related to one of those big companies. Burberry products are, somehow, different. The powders are very soft, pigmented, yet stay put. The colors are not overly trendy yet in line with the company's vision & overall image. The packaging is the most luxurious I've found, even surpassed that of Chanel. Hold a Burberry blush package v.s. Chanel quads on each hand and you will notice the difference in terms of the plastic used, the closure mechanism, the finish, the overall experience. Burberry's are far more sophisticated and luxe and I can tell that they spend a bit more on packaging and textures, compared to other brands.

Apparently, Burberry Beauty has been produced and developed by Inter Parfums, Inc. In fact, Burberry Beauty is the only cosmetic line produced by Inter Parfums. According to the recent press release from both Inter Parfums and Burberry here, here, and here, they failed to reach agreement on business model, and thus Burberry will buy out the perfume and beauty license by the end of 2012.

What does this mean to us, makeup fans? Perhaps Burberry will either develop their own makeup line in-house (like Chanel), or outsource it somewhere else. And that somewhere else may be very likely one of the big cosmetic companies (L'Oreal? Estee Lauder?), meaning future Burberry products will feel and look the same as other products that are produced under the same umbrella company, meaning the lost of individuality, meaning sacrificing quality for bigger profit margin. More and more makeup products available out there become homogeneous and alike -- perhaps, there will soon be Burberry BB cream as well.

Finally, for an insider look of what's going on within the production of your favorite cosmetics, I refer you to this post (I hope, hope she is still blogging!).

What do you think about this trend? Have you enjoyed a certain brand in the past and noticed the sudden change in quality?

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