End of Summer

Labor day weekend marks the end of Summer season, for the most part. Children will be back to school soon, and Fall is just right around the corner. I used to hate Summer: the sweltering heat and the intense sun is not my cup of tea for I much rather spend my days in the shade, indoor, enjoying a good book, and a tall glass of Italian soda or iced tea - my favorite summer beverages. Besides, who would want to spend the days baking in the sun when it is bad for the skin?

However, things are a lot different now that the baby is here. BabyLorp is the king of simple pleasures; crawling on the grass or eating on some dry leaves can occupy him for hours. So, what better things to do than to leave our small town home, baking under the intense sun, and go outside in the park. And that’s what exactly we’ve been doing.

At the beginning of the season, I enrolled both of us in parent-tot swimming class that forced us to go to the pool twice a week. BabyLorp, who loves water in our small bath tub, absolutely abhorred the pool. The screams, the echos, water splashing and sloshing all around were too much for him to handle. As soon as we entered the water, he wanted nothing to do with the lesson. We were lucky if I could get him to cling to one of the toys provided to distract fearful tots. Most of the time, he’d cry on and off, and we managed to somewhat follow the direction of the teacher.

The worst part came usually after the swim. As I tried juggling to get myself out of my wet bathing suit, while risking being exposed half-naked in the unisex changing room, BabyLorp would scream on top of his lungs, because he could not bear parting with me even for a moment. I often wondered why oh why do I decide to take on such trouble upon me. Heck, this is pure torture!!! Not to mention the moms/dads who were glancing at the panic-me, couldn’t stand anymore screaming that came out of the baby.

After the brief visit to hell, we came to the good part. We would go to a nearby park, sat under a shady tree, and ate lunch together. BabyLorp would sit quietly and contentedly, watching the ducks swimming in the nearby pond. For a moment, we sat there in silence, engrossed in the nature around us, the shady tree, green grass, joyous children squealing with joy in nearby play area and chirping birds. Suddenly, things were peaceful again and how glad were we to get out of the house and enjoyed the beautiful summer weather.

Some time, I like to shake things up a bit. One time, we went on a walk around the park in circle. Other time, I took some soap bubbles to blow and BabyLorp would watch with amazement as the bubbles floated around him. He’d giggle and amused himself with the bubbles, or busied himself by munching on his own toes. Even the smallest thing  -- such as trying to find own’s belly button while being shirtless -- amazed him, and for a moment, I realize how simple life can be, and that happiness is in enjoying the simplest things. Happiness is found in this moment.

The summer has taught me to enjoy the simplest things in life, thanks to BabyLorp. We had our last swim this weekend, and I’m a bit sad saying goodbye to summer. Who would have thought that having a baby would challenge your perception of life, such as your favorite season. For now, I look forward to the cooler season. I’m sure we’ll have more things to do and to discover about me and my baby.

How have you enjoyed your summer so far? And what are you looking forward to next season?

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