Thankful Tuesday

Time for a Thankful Tuesday. Although there are lots of challenges this week, I have a lot to be thankful for:
  1. Babylorp finally getting better from his fever.
    For the past 4 days, Babylorp has been having fever, the highest yet that I recorded. One time, it went as high as 104.9 F. I personally have been quite liberal with my son: I tend not to protect him like an egg, I let him roam around and eat dirt (literally) on a local public park, and unless he is totally miserable, I don’t bother with medication to fix his fever. This time, I woke him up several times during the night because he was burning up soo bad! We even went to his pediatrician once, and then to local Children’s Urgent Care once, just to be sure he didn’t have anything bad like RSV or such. Finally, yesterday, his fever broke, and his body is now covered with spots. Must love the roseola!
  2. Babylorp feeding time is getting better.
    I dread putting Babylorp to bed (long story, will divulge later), and since he was sick, his appetite went to zero. He absolutely refused to eat on Sunday. Today, we went to local park where I fed him near the pond and ducks that he loves. He ate the whole meal.
  3. Having enough money to spend on luxury in life, such as cosmetics.
    I won’t elaborate on this. Sufficed to say, I’m embarrassed, but makeup is the little luxury that I have in life. When I put on my makeup in the morning, I am saying yes to this day, with its challenges. I am ready.
  4. Cancelling our trip to San Francisco tomorrow.
    This is one of the rare occasion where I’m glad to be home: a sick child and a husband waking up with sore throat this morning. Yes, we have to pay close to $200 to cancel our airline tickets and car rental, but at least we are close to home and can nurse ourselves back to health.
  5. Fromager d'Affinois. Like Brie, but creamier. A godsend snack at night layered on top of crackers.

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