Thankful Tuesday

This week we are officially ending summer as PapaLorp will be back to his part-time professional school beginning this week.

  1. A week with PapaLorp at home.
    Any single mom would know how much extra adult at home is appreciated. While I cannot claim that I know what any single mom can do, practically, that’s how I function when PapaLorp’s school is in session. This week, I have the luxury of him at home, taking care of BabyLorp. PapaLorp is a very hands-on husband: anything I can do with BabyLorp, PapaLorp can do, and perhaps even better. From feeding, changing diaper (poopy ones, in public restroom, with only one wipe left!), to playing in the park, indoor playing area, and putting BabyLorp to sleep. I am forever thankful for the wonderful, talented, and loving PapaLorp.
  2. Peaches.
    We found the juiciest, plumpest, sweetest, most fragrant, ripe peaches at local Whole Foods. Apparently, these peaches are especially ripened on the tree and only available once every season. We picked four of this delectable fruit and devour it at home, sweet nectar dripping from our hands and mouths. Delicious!
  3. Time to read.
    Pure luxury is to read without interruption while enjoying a cup of green tea.
  4. BabyLorp recovered from his illness.
    He even giggles during nursing, offers me his bread, sings, and rocks to music. Back to his old-self again.
  5. Realizing that vacation is not where you go, but how you spend time with people you love.
    As I mentioned last week, we were glad we didn't go to our planned vacation, and although we had to pay to cancel our airline ticket and car reservation, we had a good time here during our stay-cation. BabyLorp was ecstatic when we let him loose at the Children's Museum. The next day, dad and baby had a great time in the park, eating lunch and watching ducks while mom got much needed me-time. And all three of us were enjoying ourselves playing at an indoor playground in local mall, for free. I admit that most of the time, I have high hopes for vacation, but it is really about how we spend our time together, without putting too much stress on ourselves. This is why people say they need another vacation to recover after a vacation.

Please share with us your gratitude for the week, or the day.

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