Thankful Tuesday

This week have been a busy one for me. PapaLorp is out in his school on Saturday and Sunday, leaving me and BabyLorp alone. On top of that, I've gotten this flu bug that caused stiff neck, swollen lymph glands and headache. Not fun, considering I cannot have any relief just to get a quick appointment to the doctor.

In any case, there are still lots of things to be thankful for:

  1. BabyLorp giggling while eating dinner downstairs with PapaLorp, which leaves...
  2. MamaLorp eating dinner alone, uninterrupted.
  3. A nice grocery run.
    Today, BabyLorp and I went to grocery and met with our favorite cashier who is about to have twin boys! How excited and yet at the same time, apprehensive. Rightfully so. One baby is enough for me, much less two!
  4. A long nap together with BabyLorp (two hours!)
  5. BabyLorp still well despite me being sick.
Until next week! Share with us your gratitude for the day/week.

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