An update from Burberry and Inter Parfums licensing

I've been following this story on-off and I came across a news that Burberry will extend both cosmetics and perfumes licenses with Inter Parfums until March 31st, 2013. Hmm.. more time to decide whether to stock up or not on current Burberry products. I honestly couldn't care less about their perfumes, but I am a fan of their makeup line.

What do you think about this licensing saga?

Aerin Beauty Rose Lip Conditioner

I received a sample of Aerin Beauty Rose Lip Conditioner from the SA when I placed my order of Aerin. She said, it is one of the star product of the Aerin collection, a must-have. I’ve been using this lip conditioner almost daily for a couple of weeks now. The sample tube is tiny (belies the picture below, pardon me) but a little does go a long way.

I must admit that my first impression of this lip conditioner is not so good, but it gradually grew on me. Right away, it reminds me of one of those tacky, goopy lip gloss. Not as much like Vaseline, with slip to it. This one is quite tacky and thick!

I wore it the first time at work, it was a 10-hour shift without lunch break, so I had to eat and drink on the run, and by the end of the day, I could still feel some of the product was still left on my lips. The next day, I tried it again, this time underneath one of the Aerin lipsticks. I found that if I applied this product too thick, the lipstick on top does not glide well. I tried it the next day, the very next day, and so on and I think the secret is to put on just a small dab on top and bottom lips and that seems to do the trick for me. It minimizes the goopiness, but still protect my lips from dehydration.

The lip conditioner by itself won’t add moisture to already chapped lips, better first to remove the flaky layer (using your lip scrub of choice, or just do it like me with a little moist cotton pads/towel) and then put this on to prevent lips from drying. Also, due to loads of chemical-artificial ingredients, I wouldn’t use this when I’m at home a lot with BabyLorp (because I tend to kiss him a lot and I hate having shimmery particle on his baby cheeks, much less goopy product like this) -- I much rather use something like Nuxe Reve de Miel or Sprout Lip Balm (that I received from the last Birchbox) when I’m at home because I’d like to think it is less chemically than this one.

One of the best part of this lip conditioner is actually the scent. All Aerin products are scented rose. Some are soapy (such as in her lipsticks), but this one is quite mild and pleasant. In fact, I really grew to like the scent. It is also tinted pink with a bit of shimmer particle, but it mostly translates as clear on my semi-pigmented lips. The comparison swatch below is with Clarins Eclat Minute Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 02 Apricot Shimmer

L to R: Aerin Lip Conditioner -- Clarins Eclat Minute in 02 Apricot Shimmer

This picture was shot in a cloudy day and my limited equipments almost failed to capture the difference in color. Sufficed to say, Clarins is a bit warmer, peachier in tone, and Aerin Lip Conditioner is more baby pinkish. Both has low light simmer, almost undetectable. Both translates as clear on the lips, unless yours are very very pale in nature.

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised with Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner. I think I will finish off my Clarins Eclat Minute before purchasing a full tube of this.


Five things to be thankful about

  • A relief from taking care of BabyLorp.
    Every mom knows how much she needs an occasional relief. Today, I got that. BabyLorp's nanny usually come to take care of him while I go to work. Well.. my shift has been cancelled today. Bad for my wallet, but good for my well being. I was able to work out in the morning, and got a much needed dental work done in the afternoon.
  • A cup of Crab Bisque, courtesy of Got Soup.
  • A company in otherwise a long day.
    A friend visited us with her daughter today. We talked for about 2 hours.. surely made the time went by fast while our children were playing.
  • PapaLorp's full-time job.
    Somebody has to earn the paycheck for all of us, especially if I'm not getting shifts at my on-call work. I am reminded everyday how we are one job away from loosing a comfortable life we enjoy now, and I am thankful that he is still working *every* *single* *day.*
  • Clean teeth.
    That nice, clean feeling after teeth cleaning at the dentist's office. Aaahhhh....
What are you thankful about today or this week?


Birchbox October 2012

I signed up with goop.com and was curious to try Birchbox during its promo at goop. This is my first Birchbox. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to shell out $10 for samples that I could potentially get for free (yes, I have been declining samples, GWP, etc. for years now from department store counters due to clutters galore), but I did. Potentially, that's the catch.

The sneak peek was very enticing, and now in hindsight, misleading. They touted lots of high-end "samples" or products, such as Chantecaille mascara, lip gloss, Eve Lom cleanser, and some other high-end stuff. Well, none of that matter because my box contains none of that. Here's the content of my box:

  • beautyblender - the original beautyblender.
    Perhaps the only good thing that comes with this box. I've always been curious about this beautyblender sponge and this is a chance for me to try it. Update: I googled the full price of one beautyblender sponge. It is close to $20, yikes! I think had I not get this from the Birchbox, I probably would pass -- I use fingers for foundations anyway, who has time to use sponge & clean it up every time with a baby crying, wanting to be held, while you are putting on your makeup?
  • Karuna Hydrating Treatment Mask, featuring natto as one of its ingredient.
    I love natto. I love it soo much, I eat it almost daily for breakfast, fabulous over hot rice and a cup of freshly brewed sencha. The sticky, sliminess of it marries well with green onion and a little bit of Japanese mustard. But for those natto connoisseur out there, it is the stink that makes natto, natto. It is so stinky that PapaLorp has to actually leave the house before I open the package. Why on earth they want the stink on a face mask?? I don't know. Those who bought it must be bought by the hype. Please, don't take my words for it. Scour your local Japanese grocer and get yourself one to try.
  • Sprout Lip Balm Flights.
    Organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, blablabla. Update: tried the lip balm. It has a chocolaty-coconutty scent that is pleasant, but very greasy and slick. The upside is since the ingredients are all natural, I can kiss BabyLorp liberally with this on. Nice, but not something I'd purchase for full price. 
  • Supergoop! City Suncreen Serum.
    Two small packets of serum containing avobenzone as one of the ingredient. Avobenzone is notoriously unstable in the world of sunscreen and as a serious sunscreen wearer, who is also lazy about researching if the other sunscreen ingredients would stabilize it adequately, this is a deal breaker for me. To the trash they go.
  • twistband Hair Tie.
    Lo and behold, there's a piece of fold-over elastic (FOE) included in the box. What the heck?? For those of us who are into sewing, specifically cloth diaper sewing, FOE is nothing new/fancy. It can be bought by yards for super cheap, courtesy of your local Jo-Anns. Okay, if you want fancy colors, you may have to hunt them down in the internet, just google "fold over elastic" and there are tons of sources out there. This one sells one in chic grey for $2.50 for 5 yards (+$2.54 for shipping). Five yards, yo! That's a ton of ponytail holders to last for eternity. Now that I know they can be used as ponytail holder, I may just use some leftover from my own stash where I used to sew BabyLorp's diaper covers. Does it really sell for $10-$18? I must get into this business as well!
  • Luna Bar in Lemon Zest.
    Why is this related to beauty? I don't know. Full tummy = good mood = feeling beautiful from the inside out? Yeah..
I can see why so many people subscribed to this: they are hoping that they'll hit jackpot on the next box. So, they wait and keep on subscribing. Pas moi -- I'm canceling my subscription pronto.


Flu season and flu vaccine

Now that Fall is finally coming, everyone starts thinking about the flu season. And this is a typical conversation that I will have several times at work:

"Can I get a flu from the flu vaccine?"

"No, you cannot. This is not a[n attenuated] live vaccine, so you cannot get flu from this vaccine."

"I swear that I/my husband/my mother/[insert other person you know] got this flu when I got a flu vaccine x years ago!"

The answer is very simple. Whenever our body is subjected to a foreign substance (in this case, the vaccine), the foreign substance challenges the body's immune system and sometimes it may produce a flu-like reaction. It does not mean that you are getting a flu from the vaccine, but it is your body's reaction to the vaccine. Vaccine is supposed to challenge your immune system to produce antibody. We call these type of substance immunogenic.

Another explanation: you already got the flu virus before you get the vaccine. It takes about 10-14 days (from the time you get the flu shot) for the body to gear up antibody production to reach its maximum. If within that time frame, or even before, you are exposed to the flu virus (and the incubation period for flu virus is anywhere from 3-5 days, sometimes longer/shorter), you have a real flu, not from the vaccine, but from the virus itself that you were exposed to prior to getting the vaccine.

Finally, the best way to protect yourself from getting any type of airborne ailments during these cooler months is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Sing the "ABC" song while rubbing your hands, or "Happy Birthday" twice! If you are using hand sanitizer, rub them until the alcohol is evaporated, again, about 20 seconds. No soap? No worries. It is the friction from the rubbing of hands that helps removed all the germs (if I can find it & find the time to do it, I will post the study that support this practice).

Stay warm and be well.

P.S. A kind reminder that the content of this blog post is not a substitute for an advice from your own healthcare provider. You should bring any specific questions to your healthcare provider, who knows you the best!


Loving right now

Loving Right Now - Nudes

Fall usually corresponds to darker, deeper color, but I'm loving my nudes now: Burberry eye shadows in Pale Barley and Almond, Alexander Wang Pelican Satchel, Tory Burch "Patent Eddie" Nude Ballet Flat Shoes, Chanel Joues Contraste in Espiegle, AERIN Beauty Sunday Morning lipstick, and Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation.


Aerin Beauty Fall Style Palette: Weekend

What a befitting review to write on the weekend. The final product of my initial purchase of Aerin Beauty is the Weekend Palette. It is the pièce de résistance, the one item that ties all my other purchases together. Or is it?

For $70, you get a highlighter, a blush, and two eyeshadows housed in a chic compact. This palette is thoughtfully designed. First, this palette has it all, sans lipstick/lip gloss, so no fall out powder stuck on the lipstick/lip gloss like Bobbi Brown palettes. Having separate lipstick/gloss is not that much of a hassle and is preferable for touch ups. Second, while the colors are coordinated beautifully with each other, they are neutral enough to coordinate with your existing makeup. Third, the mirror inside the palette is nice and wide, very functional for application on the go. Finally, the comparative surface size of each items are just perfect for the intended brushes: the highlighter is arranged vertically as to fit the narrow and long foundation brush, while the blush is rather square-ish to fit your blush brush. Same idea for both eye shadow wells.

The packaging looks luxurious: I love the high shine gold with linen texture on top, it is quite beautiful to look at and very unique. The pink suede pouch is a very nice touch, reminds me of Tiffany’s pouch. Such an eye candy!

Unfortunately, consistent with other Aerin Beauty products, it only looks luxurious. It is rather lightweight and the plastic feels cheaply made. In fact, I’m having a hard time opening up my palette each time due to faulty snap mechanism. While the pouch is cute, you can’t really pull the drawstrings on top because the palette fits snugly right up to the top. It comes with a useless but obligatory sponge applicator that can be tossed right away.

The palette is made in Canada. I always wonder why an American company like Estee Lauder, have their products made in Canada. Nevertheless, the highlighter and blush are generously sized, while the two eye shadows seem like an afterthought.

Here’s a close up look into each color wells. I’ve been using the palette for two weeks now so it is no longer pristine. All of the items in this palette is rose scented ("Hmm, honey, your eyelids smell good!").

Perhaps you can see from the picture above that the highlighter’s texture is cream. I’d like to say that it’s a cream-to-powder finish but it never set on my skin. It is silicone-based type of cream, similar to Edward Bess All Over Seduction. The effect is also the same as EB: very understated, non-glittery/shimmery bronzy glow. A very office-friendly highlighter. Although it looks bronze on the pan, it goes on very sheer. It does impart some color on my NC 20 skin, so lighter-toned ladies will notice a bronzing effect while someone NC 30-35 and above would probably only notice the highlighting effect.

The blush is a sheer matte peach with minimal pink undertone. Compared to Chanel Joues Contraste Espiegle (now I wish I do a comparison swatch) it is very similar, except I much prefer the pigmentation and the texture of the JC. As the blush is matte and powder, it presents a conundrum: you normally would layer blush on top of the highlighter, but if so, the matte finish of the blush would nullify the glow underneath. So, do you use the blush first, then the cream highlighter on top (which would be incompatible texture-wise)? I don’t know, I don’t have a good solution, but I put the highlighter on first, then put the blush as a pop color on the apples of the cheeks. 

Another thing about the blush: it is quite waxy to use at first and quite hard to pick up with a brush. I thought there may be a protective overspray on top, so I brush the blush briskly with some of my coarser brush to remove it. Upon further inspection, there is no protective overcoat, the blush is just a tad waxy but improves as I take off layers from the top. I think the waxy texture affect the pigmentation as well, it goes on sheer but buildable.

One last thought about the highlighter/blush combo: as you can see on the swatch, the color is both of the same tonal quality. One is not brighter than the other, therefore when used together, they seem to blend into each other. Normally, a bright pop of blush color would offset the bronzy underneath, not so with this combo. In fact, if applied too heavy-handedly, the two can become a muddy mess on the skin. Best to apply thin layers and build up if needed.

Here are the arm swatches of the highlighter (heavy, sheer), and the blush. The effect is quite lovely and subtle in person. I used fingers to swatch the products.

Under direct sunlight, notice the low glow of the highlighter and how the highlighter and the blush are of the same tonal quality as I described above.

Under the shade with natural lighting. They are sheer.

Another look, under the shade with natural lighting.

The waxy problem is the definite deal breaker on the two eyeshadows. There are two shades: a satiny beige and a brownish bronze with golden shimmer. I cannot stress enough how hard and waxy the shadows are, I cannot even get powder on my brush to pick up. As with the blush, I did the brisk brushing and backcombing motion with some of my coarser brush to remove the top layer. No luck. Next, I resorted to cross-hatching the top with fine needle and even then only very little powder ended up on my brush.

And even with some powder on my brush, the color is extremely sheer that I could hardly see anything on my lids. I stopped short of using eye lid primer to get the shadows to show up. If practicality and ease-of-use are the goals of this palette, then using a product such as primer would defeat the purpose. It would be too much work to make this palette work! Perhaps Aerin Beauty intended for the shadows to be sheer so that women cannot overdo on colors but in this day and age, understated eye color and high pigment payoff (AND finely milled, buttery texture) are never mutually exclusive (hello Burberry eye shadows! to name a few). I’m sure many of us can find a much better, suitable alternatives to these very waxy eye shadows with poor pigment payoff.

Keep in mind, to get these swatches to show up, I have to literally scrape a bit of the powder shadow with a metal spatula and mush it on my skin. Otherwise, even vigorous finger swipe failed to produce any visible color.

Under direct sunlight.

Under the shade with natural lighting.

THM: a big pass. I’m so turned off by the quality of the eyeshadow. Yes, the compact is chic, the highlighter is lovely, but I want my money to be well-spent and there are so many other options out there to choose from. 

I’m sure you already have some peachy-toned blush in your collection, and if you haven’t gotten similar highlighter, I’d steer you towards Edward Bess and I think you’ll be more satisfied, both from the price point and performance.


Today, I'm thankful for..

.. the big purge.

While BabyLorp was at a nanny-share, I cleaned up the house and donated lots of old clothing, baby gadgets, and trashed old, half-used, no-longer-loved makeup. Every time I do a clean up like this, there is a little part of me that still wants to hang on to whatever it is I'm trying to get rid of: "Oh, this is the bouncer where I took the picture of BabyLorp on his very first Christmas, maybe I shouldn't donate it," or "I wore this lipgloss on my brother's wonderful wedding just two years ago, there is no way I'd throw it now!" Hmm.. what's the shelf-life of a tube of lipgloss ? Forever, of course, especially when it was the Maquillage one that I bought in Singapore before the wedding. Or if the palette was from Inoui ID of Dick Page's era.

However, the way I overcome this is to keep in my mind that for new things to come into my life, I must part with old things, and no things is permanent.

I am thankful that I have been blessed with all these material goodness that have served their purpose at some time in my life, be it a lipstick, a blush, a dress, or a baby bouncer. As I grew older, I come to understand that each things that come in my life is to serve a purpose, and the way to honor it is to use it mindfully, to enjoy it while it is here with me, and to part with it when the time comes.

Now, it is time for me to part with them in order to make a room for more blessings to come into my life.

Please share with us your gratitude for the day.

P.S. I keep the Inoui ID palette. Who am I kidding? :-)


Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet in Pink Azalea, No. 308

Like a moth to a fluorescent light, I went to a mini event at the local Burberry counter for the launch of their Lip Velvets last weekend. All the 12 shades were on full display. I was hoping to get a lighter, nude shades that are more of my everyday likings (something like Pink Apricot or Peony Rose), but alas, a good advertisement is that which enables people to purchase something they don’t need. Such is my purchase of the Lip Velvet in Pink Azalea, No. 308.

As I mentioned in my previous review, Pink Azalea is a cooler version of the Rose Pink, No. 307. I stand by that. In fact on swatches below, it is very hard for my camera to detect the difference between the two shades. However, the minute effect translates as a totally different look on lips. Pink Azalea is decidedly vampier, more wine, night-time version of the Rose Pink. It is not a vampy shade by any means (for that, check out Bright Poppy No. 311), rather it is still in what I think as a pinky red.

One may think that just because a lipstick is from the same company with the same formula, it will behave similarly in terms of texture, wear, etc. Not so. I do appreciate blogs that review the individual texture within the same range of product as I believe changing pigment in lipsticks is not a simple chemistry of pour and mix. Perhaps the consistency of waxes has to be adjusted or perhaps some pigments behave differently in the same base? This is purely my conjecture. The discussion in this topic is covered on this blog post (is she still blogging? I’d love for her to come back!).

Well... with that said, I’ve worn both Pink Azalea and Rose Pink alternately several days in a row and I can tell that Pink Azalea has less slip than Rose Pink. Both formula starts rather creamy on the lip and somehow it sets. Pink Azalea is drier from the get go. It lasted through lunch today and it left a lovely wine stain on my lips. By the end of the day, my lips were aching for a bit of moisture.

For this post, I’m excited to find out that iPhoto has a picture editing tool (duh!). The pictures are taken first without editing, and the edited version is the one after. I mainly adjusted the tint, hue, and exposure in order to give you a better representative of the colors.

In direct sunlight.
From L to R: Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli -- Burberry Lip Velvet Pink Azalea -- Burberry Lip Velvet Rose Pink -- Chanel Rouge Coco Cambon.

Edited version in direct sunlight.
Noticed how even edited, it is still very hard to detect that the Pink Azalea is more wine in color than Rose Pink. Cambon is the warmest of all. Rivoli looks a tad warmer compared to Pink Azalea. The two velvets are more matte than the RC which are cremes.

Under the shade with natural sunlight.

Again, edited for color.

I feel the last picture is the best representative of the colors. You can tell that the Pink Azalea is a tad warmer than the Rose Pink.

THM: don’t need it but love it.


Aerin Beauty Lip Gloss in 02 Sweet Pea

Continuing my review for Aerin Beauty items, the lip gloss comes next.

Standard packaging with doe-foot applicator. The gold-foiling echoes that on the lipstick case. It looks luxurious, but feels quite lightweight.

As with all Aerin Beauty products, they are all made in Canada. The size is rather small, you get 5 mL or 0.17 fl oz in a tube.

Shots of ingredient list:

Those with attention to detail will notice what I do:

See how the lines on the lettering and the border is not sharp? Maybe the detail is miniscule but it cheapens the whole look.

O.k. enough nitpicking on the packaging, let’s move on to the content.

Sweet Pea is a caramel nude color, perhaps with a bit of mauve undertone. Definitely dupable in the world of glosses. It is especially nice layered on top of Aerin Sunday Morning lipstick. Coincidentally, Lisa Eldridge also features this gloss on this video and I think I’ll do what she’d do: layering this on top of Boots No. 7 Nude lip pencil.

The texture of the gloss is somewhat tacky. Non-sticky gloss is quite an oxymoron but what I consider as the least sticky gloss is Chanel Glossimer. This one is definitely stickier compared to that, but not as sticky as Stila Lip Glaze.

The pigmentation is sheer. On my pigmented lips it translates mostly as transparent. It is rose-scented, but thankfully without the soapy aftertaste that the lipstick has. The scent does linger a bit. I tend not to keep tab on how long a gloss stays on my lips, perhaps other blogger will cover this if you are curious on how long the gloss stays on.

In direct sunlight. From L to R: Burberry Lip Glow in Nude Beige, Aerin Beauty Sweet Pea.
Burberry Nude Beige is the only gloss in my small collection that is similar to this one, so I put it out there as comparison. The swatch is purposefully goopy to emphasize the color, otherwise a single swipe does not show up well on my camera.

Under the shade with natural sunlight.

Under the shade with cloud cover outside. This is perhaps the best representation of the color of the gloss.

THM: will keep this one but won’t repurchase.


Aerin Beauty Lipstick in Sunday Morning for Weekend

As I was strolling around my local Nordstrom beauty counter, I came across Aerin Beauty, set out on the forefront of Estee Lauder counter. I am drawn to Estee Lauder for two things: Invisible Fluid Makeup foundation after Lisa E. used it on one of her video and the fact that EL owns Tom Ford Beauty, so naturally, I wonder how the other product in their line would compare to the ultra-expensive Tom Ford.

Aerin Beauty, seems to me, caters to a certain women population: perhaps moms in their 30s-40s, juggling life with children, career, and a sprinkling of glamorous vacation. Well, I am certainly in that age range with a child and that’s about where I fit in. Nonetheless, the concept is quite appealing: a minimal, understated makeup look in an organized fashion consisting a palette (which includes highlighter, blush, and two eyeshadows), a lipstick and a lipgloss. Toss these in bag and you are good to go, wishing to look as polished as the uptown Aerin.

I bought the entire “Weekend” collection which includes the palette, lipstick and lipgloss. In addition, the counter SA kindly threw in a generous sample of the lip balm, which is supposedly the “star product” of the line. I will review these items separately on separate posts.

First up is the Sunday Morning lipstick. On the picture below, the bullet looks kinda dark, almost coral. I took the picture under lightbox with natural lighting and it belies the nude color of the lipstick. It is peachy nude with a little mauve undertone. Please see swatch comparison below.

The packaging looks luxurious with little physical evidence to back it up. The casing is quite lightweight; oddly enough, the cap is more weighted than the bottom part. The closure is snap, not magnetic. The mirror-finished gold foiling looks like it may chip on the corners with frequent tossing in handbag. Overall, I’m not too terribly impressed.

I include snapshots of ingredient list printed on the side box.

The texture is creamy and glossy with a lot of slip to it. It feels comfortable on the lips, more moisturizing than Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and about the same as Burberry Lip Mist. As with lipstick of this type, it is gone almost as soon as I put it on, but that’s the trade off. Anticipate to re-apply often throughout the day. At the end of the day, I noticed my lips feel drier. I think there must be ingredients in this lipstick that pulls moisture from its surrounding (i.e. humectant), including moisture from the lips itself, and this is why I think some lipsticks, although it feels creamy at first, can be drying at the same time.

The pigmentation is of light to medium opacity. While I can apply certain Rouge Coco Shine on the run (my to-go shade like Boy or Chic), I need a mirror (the shiny cap comes in handy for this!) to apply due to its rather opaque quality. I don’t notice any shimmer in it. It smells of a gourmand rose from the bullet, but once applied, I can taste a sharp, soapy, bitter taste on the back of my tongue. It’s ok, I guess I don’t really mind it. The soapy taste does linger, though.

This combination of creamy, glossy, yet opaque lipstick is perhaps a reminiscence of that of Tom Ford’s. But I think the similarity ends there. I hope someone who owns both brands will compare/contrast this soon.

Comparison swatch pictures are below. In direct sunlight:

From L to R: Burberry Lip Mist Nude Peach, Aerin Sunday Morning, Burberry Lip Cover Cameo, Rouge d’Armani 105.

You will notice that the opacity of Aerin lipstick is approaching that of Burberry Lip Cover. The Lip Mist and Rouge d’Armani are comparably more sheer. The mauve undertone of Sunday Morning is more pronounced among the four, while Cameo surprisingly looks pink against all other. I should have included RC Boy in the swatch comparison, but upon initial swatching, I found Boy to be way more pink/mauve than this group of nudes. I think Sunday Morning nicely fills in the gap that I’ve got in my collection.

This one is taken under the shade with natural sunlight. Sunday Morning is not as glossy as Rouge d'Armani.

Take home message: I can see myself wearing this everyday.

Aerin Sunday Morning lipstick is available in select Nordstrom or online (albeit sold out) at esteelauder.com

Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet in Rose Pink, No. 307

I consider myself lucky to live nearby a Nordstrom which has a full Burberry Beauty counter. When it first opened a few years back, I went there to get a makeover but left a bit disappointed. I have a renewed love for Burberry Beauty which suits my maturing complexion: fine lines begin to show up, dark undereye circle begin to stay permanently, etc. The classic colorations, matte shadows and blushes, glossy lipsticks, and understated highlighter are my main staple now and Burberry has them all. The only item I do not use from their line is their foundation (because I couldn’t find a good match on my skin tone), and mascara.

Burberry Lip Velvet joins the bandwagon of matte lip trend for the Fall and matte lip is not something I’m attracted to at first. I much rather wear sheer lipstick (Rouge Coco Shine, or Burberry Lip Mist, or Sugar Lip Balm), but was intrigued when the counter manager mentioned that it was recently released during Nordstrom Trend Show.

I was unable to attend the Trend Show, so I went to the counter to check it out. Immediately, Pink Azalea caught my eyes from the promo picture featuring Cara D., but it was Rose Pink that I finally took home.

Rose Pink No. 307 is just that: a deep pinky rose. It is a pinky red, so to speak. You may ask how it compares to Pink Azalea: they are both blue-based, deep pinks, except Pink Azalea is a tad cooler/more blue in hue than Rose Pink. On my somewhat pigmented lips, Rose Pink is a bit warmer, but with the same depth. The difference is subtle, but the overall effect is quite noticeable to justify owning both. Think of Rose Pink as a day time, work-friendly version of Pink Azalea, which is more vampy and sultry.

First of all, please pardon my not-so-perfect pictures. This is my first foray into makeup reviews and with limited time and equipment (both software and hardware and local weather) this is my best attempt to post the pictures that best represent the product.

I’m not going to belabored on packaging and such as some other blogs have already covered this. It is the standard luxe but matte counterpart of their other lipsticks. Messy Wands also has covered the ingredient list (also, check out her swatches of all the shades here).

The texture is matte, indeed, but goes on rather creamy at first. Somehow it sets a few minutes after I apply it and it does not move much after that. It does accentuates dry bits of skin on my lips, even with some lip balm applied underneath (I wore Nuxe Lip Balm). As the time goes on, the dry bits are more pronounced and my lips feel drier. Not too terribly uncomfortable, but of course, not as comfortable as balmy lipsticks.

The pigmentation is quite superb. It goes without saying that application with a lip brush is a must. This thing wears like iron: 8-9 hours straight through lunch, snacks, smacking the baby, and all and still needs very little touch up. It is not transfer-resistant, so yes, the baby got some of it as well although minor. By the end of the day, my lips looked just like it was in the AM, maybe with a bit of wear around the edges and in the middle of the mouth. I remove this using Bioderma Crealine as it leaves lots of pigments on the lips.

Fragrance. In general I dislike lipstick with fragrance that is other than gourmand. I much prefer unscented lipstick. That’s the small price to pay with Burberry lipsticks which to me smells like violet. This one smells a tad different, I noticed a bit of fruitiness behind the violet. Nonetheless, it is scented, and the scent lasts.

Now to the color, none of the pictures are retouched in anyway. I compare this to other pink-red lipsticks that I owned, keeping in mind my collection is not extensive, but carefully curated. Please pardon the cropped picture and the strand of hair (yikes!!!) that landed on my hand while swatching these lipsticks (I wish I could have redone all the picture but the sun has gone for the day).

In direct sunlight. Notice how all the lipsticks are glossy, even the Lip Velvet. As I mentioned earlier, it does go on creamy at first before setting into lips.

From L to R: Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli -- Burberry Lip Cover Rosewood -- Burberry Lip Velvet Rose Pink -- Burberry Lip Cover Primrose Hill Pink -- Chanel Rouge Coco Cambon.
Under the shade with natural sunlight.

Finally, under the lightbox with natural sunlight.

Take home message: Love it, a nice pink to transition to Fall and beyond if you are into the matte texture. Burberry Lip Velvets are $30 a pop, available from nordstrom.com


Nous sommes malades

Oui, oui, aaachoo! Yes, BabyLorp and I have been sniffing, for my maladie from last week has spread to him. There is no rest for the weary, though. PapaLorp is back to school full steam ahead. In fact, hardly any relief from the sick baby either, when all my body wants is to curl up and sip hot liquid and sleep. Instead, I had to nurse BabyLorp down while holding my breath so I don't have to sneeze right on his face.

Here's to hoping tomorrow we'll all feel better, if not soon!