Aerin Beauty Lip Gloss in 02 Sweet Pea

Continuing my review for Aerin Beauty items, the lip gloss comes next.

Standard packaging with doe-foot applicator. The gold-foiling echoes that on the lipstick case. It looks luxurious, but feels quite lightweight.

As with all Aerin Beauty products, they are all made in Canada. The size is rather small, you get 5 mL or 0.17 fl oz in a tube.

Shots of ingredient list:

Those with attention to detail will notice what I do:

See how the lines on the lettering and the border is not sharp? Maybe the detail is miniscule but it cheapens the whole look.

O.k. enough nitpicking on the packaging, let’s move on to the content.

Sweet Pea is a caramel nude color, perhaps with a bit of mauve undertone. Definitely dupable in the world of glosses. It is especially nice layered on top of Aerin Sunday Morning lipstick. Coincidentally, Lisa Eldridge also features this gloss on this video and I think I’ll do what she’d do: layering this on top of Boots No. 7 Nude lip pencil.

The texture of the gloss is somewhat tacky. Non-sticky gloss is quite an oxymoron but what I consider as the least sticky gloss is Chanel Glossimer. This one is definitely stickier compared to that, but not as sticky as Stila Lip Glaze.

The pigmentation is sheer. On my pigmented lips it translates mostly as transparent. It is rose-scented, but thankfully without the soapy aftertaste that the lipstick has. The scent does linger a bit. I tend not to keep tab on how long a gloss stays on my lips, perhaps other blogger will cover this if you are curious on how long the gloss stays on.

In direct sunlight. From L to R: Burberry Lip Glow in Nude Beige, Aerin Beauty Sweet Pea.
Burberry Nude Beige is the only gloss in my small collection that is similar to this one, so I put it out there as comparison. The swatch is purposefully goopy to emphasize the color, otherwise a single swipe does not show up well on my camera.

Under the shade with natural sunlight.

Under the shade with cloud cover outside. This is perhaps the best representation of the color of the gloss.

THM: will keep this one but won’t repurchase.

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