Aerin Beauty Lipstick in Sunday Morning for Weekend

As I was strolling around my local Nordstrom beauty counter, I came across Aerin Beauty, set out on the forefront of Estee Lauder counter. I am drawn to Estee Lauder for two things: Invisible Fluid Makeup foundation after Lisa E. used it on one of her video and the fact that EL owns Tom Ford Beauty, so naturally, I wonder how the other product in their line would compare to the ultra-expensive Tom Ford.

Aerin Beauty, seems to me, caters to a certain women population: perhaps moms in their 30s-40s, juggling life with children, career, and a sprinkling of glamorous vacation. Well, I am certainly in that age range with a child and that’s about where I fit in. Nonetheless, the concept is quite appealing: a minimal, understated makeup look in an organized fashion consisting a palette (which includes highlighter, blush, and two eyeshadows), a lipstick and a lipgloss. Toss these in bag and you are good to go, wishing to look as polished as the uptown Aerin.

I bought the entire “Weekend” collection which includes the palette, lipstick and lipgloss. In addition, the counter SA kindly threw in a generous sample of the lip balm, which is supposedly the “star product” of the line. I will review these items separately on separate posts.

First up is the Sunday Morning lipstick. On the picture below, the bullet looks kinda dark, almost coral. I took the picture under lightbox with natural lighting and it belies the nude color of the lipstick. It is peachy nude with a little mauve undertone. Please see swatch comparison below.

The packaging looks luxurious with little physical evidence to back it up. The casing is quite lightweight; oddly enough, the cap is more weighted than the bottom part. The closure is snap, not magnetic. The mirror-finished gold foiling looks like it may chip on the corners with frequent tossing in handbag. Overall, I’m not too terribly impressed.

I include snapshots of ingredient list printed on the side box.

The texture is creamy and glossy with a lot of slip to it. It feels comfortable on the lips, more moisturizing than Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and about the same as Burberry Lip Mist. As with lipstick of this type, it is gone almost as soon as I put it on, but that’s the trade off. Anticipate to re-apply often throughout the day. At the end of the day, I noticed my lips feel drier. I think there must be ingredients in this lipstick that pulls moisture from its surrounding (i.e. humectant), including moisture from the lips itself, and this is why I think some lipsticks, although it feels creamy at first, can be drying at the same time.

The pigmentation is of light to medium opacity. While I can apply certain Rouge Coco Shine on the run (my to-go shade like Boy or Chic), I need a mirror (the shiny cap comes in handy for this!) to apply due to its rather opaque quality. I don’t notice any shimmer in it. It smells of a gourmand rose from the bullet, but once applied, I can taste a sharp, soapy, bitter taste on the back of my tongue. It’s ok, I guess I don’t really mind it. The soapy taste does linger, though.

This combination of creamy, glossy, yet opaque lipstick is perhaps a reminiscence of that of Tom Ford’s. But I think the similarity ends there. I hope someone who owns both brands will compare/contrast this soon.

Comparison swatch pictures are below. In direct sunlight:

From L to R: Burberry Lip Mist Nude Peach, Aerin Sunday Morning, Burberry Lip Cover Cameo, Rouge d’Armani 105.

You will notice that the opacity of Aerin lipstick is approaching that of Burberry Lip Cover. The Lip Mist and Rouge d’Armani are comparably more sheer. The mauve undertone of Sunday Morning is more pronounced among the four, while Cameo surprisingly looks pink against all other. I should have included RC Boy in the swatch comparison, but upon initial swatching, I found Boy to be way more pink/mauve than this group of nudes. I think Sunday Morning nicely fills in the gap that I’ve got in my collection.

This one is taken under the shade with natural sunlight. Sunday Morning is not as glossy as Rouge d'Armani.

Take home message: I can see myself wearing this everyday.

Aerin Sunday Morning lipstick is available in select Nordstrom or online (albeit sold out) at esteelauder.com

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