Birchbox October 2012

I signed up with goop.com and was curious to try Birchbox during its promo at goop. This is my first Birchbox. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to shell out $10 for samples that I could potentially get for free (yes, I have been declining samples, GWP, etc. for years now from department store counters due to clutters galore), but I did. Potentially, that's the catch.

The sneak peek was very enticing, and now in hindsight, misleading. They touted lots of high-end "samples" or products, such as Chantecaille mascara, lip gloss, Eve Lom cleanser, and some other high-end stuff. Well, none of that matter because my box contains none of that. Here's the content of my box:

  • beautyblender - the original beautyblender.
    Perhaps the only good thing that comes with this box. I've always been curious about this beautyblender sponge and this is a chance for me to try it. Update: I googled the full price of one beautyblender sponge. It is close to $20, yikes! I think had I not get this from the Birchbox, I probably would pass -- I use fingers for foundations anyway, who has time to use sponge & clean it up every time with a baby crying, wanting to be held, while you are putting on your makeup?
  • Karuna Hydrating Treatment Mask, featuring natto as one of its ingredient.
    I love natto. I love it soo much, I eat it almost daily for breakfast, fabulous over hot rice and a cup of freshly brewed sencha. The sticky, sliminess of it marries well with green onion and a little bit of Japanese mustard. But for those natto connoisseur out there, it is the stink that makes natto, natto. It is so stinky that PapaLorp has to actually leave the house before I open the package. Why on earth they want the stink on a face mask?? I don't know. Those who bought it must be bought by the hype. Please, don't take my words for it. Scour your local Japanese grocer and get yourself one to try.
  • Sprout Lip Balm Flights.
    Organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, blablabla. Update: tried the lip balm. It has a chocolaty-coconutty scent that is pleasant, but very greasy and slick. The upside is since the ingredients are all natural, I can kiss BabyLorp liberally with this on. Nice, but not something I'd purchase for full price. 
  • Supergoop! City Suncreen Serum.
    Two small packets of serum containing avobenzone as one of the ingredient. Avobenzone is notoriously unstable in the world of sunscreen and as a serious sunscreen wearer, who is also lazy about researching if the other sunscreen ingredients would stabilize it adequately, this is a deal breaker for me. To the trash they go.
  • twistband Hair Tie.
    Lo and behold, there's a piece of fold-over elastic (FOE) included in the box. What the heck?? For those of us who are into sewing, specifically cloth diaper sewing, FOE is nothing new/fancy. It can be bought by yards for super cheap, courtesy of your local Jo-Anns. Okay, if you want fancy colors, you may have to hunt them down in the internet, just google "fold over elastic" and there are tons of sources out there. This one sells one in chic grey for $2.50 for 5 yards (+$2.54 for shipping). Five yards, yo! That's a ton of ponytail holders to last for eternity. Now that I know they can be used as ponytail holder, I may just use some leftover from my own stash where I used to sew BabyLorp's diaper covers. Does it really sell for $10-$18? I must get into this business as well!
  • Luna Bar in Lemon Zest.
    Why is this related to beauty? I don't know. Full tummy = good mood = feeling beautiful from the inside out? Yeah..
I can see why so many people subscribed to this: they are hoping that they'll hit jackpot on the next box. So, they wait and keep on subscribing. Pas moi -- I'm canceling my subscription pronto.

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