Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet in Pink Azalea, No. 308

Like a moth to a fluorescent light, I went to a mini event at the local Burberry counter for the launch of their Lip Velvets last weekend. All the 12 shades were on full display. I was hoping to get a lighter, nude shades that are more of my everyday likings (something like Pink Apricot or Peony Rose), but alas, a good advertisement is that which enables people to purchase something they don’t need. Such is my purchase of the Lip Velvet in Pink Azalea, No. 308.

As I mentioned in my previous review, Pink Azalea is a cooler version of the Rose Pink, No. 307. I stand by that. In fact on swatches below, it is very hard for my camera to detect the difference between the two shades. However, the minute effect translates as a totally different look on lips. Pink Azalea is decidedly vampier, more wine, night-time version of the Rose Pink. It is not a vampy shade by any means (for that, check out Bright Poppy No. 311), rather it is still in what I think as a pinky red.

One may think that just because a lipstick is from the same company with the same formula, it will behave similarly in terms of texture, wear, etc. Not so. I do appreciate blogs that review the individual texture within the same range of product as I believe changing pigment in lipsticks is not a simple chemistry of pour and mix. Perhaps the consistency of waxes has to be adjusted or perhaps some pigments behave differently in the same base? This is purely my conjecture. The discussion in this topic is covered on this blog post (is she still blogging? I’d love for her to come back!).

Well... with that said, I’ve worn both Pink Azalea and Rose Pink alternately several days in a row and I can tell that Pink Azalea has less slip than Rose Pink. Both formula starts rather creamy on the lip and somehow it sets. Pink Azalea is drier from the get go. It lasted through lunch today and it left a lovely wine stain on my lips. By the end of the day, my lips were aching for a bit of moisture.

For this post, I’m excited to find out that iPhoto has a picture editing tool (duh!). The pictures are taken first without editing, and the edited version is the one after. I mainly adjusted the tint, hue, and exposure in order to give you a better representative of the colors.

In direct sunlight.
From L to R: Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli -- Burberry Lip Velvet Pink Azalea -- Burberry Lip Velvet Rose Pink -- Chanel Rouge Coco Cambon.

Edited version in direct sunlight.
Noticed how even edited, it is still very hard to detect that the Pink Azalea is more wine in color than Rose Pink. Cambon is the warmest of all. Rivoli looks a tad warmer compared to Pink Azalea. The two velvets are more matte than the RC which are cremes.

Under the shade with natural sunlight.

Again, edited for color.

I feel the last picture is the best representative of the colors. You can tell that the Pink Azalea is a tad warmer than the Rose Pink.

THM: don’t need it but love it.

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