Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet in Rose Pink, No. 307

I consider myself lucky to live nearby a Nordstrom which has a full Burberry Beauty counter. When it first opened a few years back, I went there to get a makeover but left a bit disappointed. I have a renewed love for Burberry Beauty which suits my maturing complexion: fine lines begin to show up, dark undereye circle begin to stay permanently, etc. The classic colorations, matte shadows and blushes, glossy lipsticks, and understated highlighter are my main staple now and Burberry has them all. The only item I do not use from their line is their foundation (because I couldn’t find a good match on my skin tone), and mascara.

Burberry Lip Velvet joins the bandwagon of matte lip trend for the Fall and matte lip is not something I’m attracted to at first. I much rather wear sheer lipstick (Rouge Coco Shine, or Burberry Lip Mist, or Sugar Lip Balm), but was intrigued when the counter manager mentioned that it was recently released during Nordstrom Trend Show.

I was unable to attend the Trend Show, so I went to the counter to check it out. Immediately, Pink Azalea caught my eyes from the promo picture featuring Cara D., but it was Rose Pink that I finally took home.

Rose Pink No. 307 is just that: a deep pinky rose. It is a pinky red, so to speak. You may ask how it compares to Pink Azalea: they are both blue-based, deep pinks, except Pink Azalea is a tad cooler/more blue in hue than Rose Pink. On my somewhat pigmented lips, Rose Pink is a bit warmer, but with the same depth. The difference is subtle, but the overall effect is quite noticeable to justify owning both. Think of Rose Pink as a day time, work-friendly version of Pink Azalea, which is more vampy and sultry.

First of all, please pardon my not-so-perfect pictures. This is my first foray into makeup reviews and with limited time and equipment (both software and hardware and local weather) this is my best attempt to post the pictures that best represent the product.

I’m not going to belabored on packaging and such as some other blogs have already covered this. It is the standard luxe but matte counterpart of their other lipsticks. Messy Wands also has covered the ingredient list (also, check out her swatches of all the shades here).

The texture is matte, indeed, but goes on rather creamy at first. Somehow it sets a few minutes after I apply it and it does not move much after that. It does accentuates dry bits of skin on my lips, even with some lip balm applied underneath (I wore Nuxe Lip Balm). As the time goes on, the dry bits are more pronounced and my lips feel drier. Not too terribly uncomfortable, but of course, not as comfortable as balmy lipsticks.

The pigmentation is quite superb. It goes without saying that application with a lip brush is a must. This thing wears like iron: 8-9 hours straight through lunch, snacks, smacking the baby, and all and still needs very little touch up. It is not transfer-resistant, so yes, the baby got some of it as well although minor. By the end of the day, my lips looked just like it was in the AM, maybe with a bit of wear around the edges and in the middle of the mouth. I remove this using Bioderma Crealine as it leaves lots of pigments on the lips.

Fragrance. In general I dislike lipstick with fragrance that is other than gourmand. I much prefer unscented lipstick. That’s the small price to pay with Burberry lipsticks which to me smells like violet. This one smells a tad different, I noticed a bit of fruitiness behind the violet. Nonetheless, it is scented, and the scent lasts.

Now to the color, none of the pictures are retouched in anyway. I compare this to other pink-red lipsticks that I owned, keeping in mind my collection is not extensive, but carefully curated. Please pardon the cropped picture and the strand of hair (yikes!!!) that landed on my hand while swatching these lipsticks (I wish I could have redone all the picture but the sun has gone for the day).

In direct sunlight. Notice how all the lipsticks are glossy, even the Lip Velvet. As I mentioned earlier, it does go on creamy at first before setting into lips.

From L to R: Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli -- Burberry Lip Cover Rosewood -- Burberry Lip Velvet Rose Pink -- Burberry Lip Cover Primrose Hill Pink -- Chanel Rouge Coco Cambon.
Under the shade with natural sunlight.

Finally, under the lightbox with natural sunlight.

Take home message: Love it, a nice pink to transition to Fall and beyond if you are into the matte texture. Burberry Lip Velvets are $30 a pop, available from nordstrom.com

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