Five things to be thankful about

  • A relief from taking care of BabyLorp.
    Every mom knows how much she needs an occasional relief. Today, I got that. BabyLorp's nanny usually come to take care of him while I go to work. Well.. my shift has been cancelled today. Bad for my wallet, but good for my well being. I was able to work out in the morning, and got a much needed dental work done in the afternoon.
  • A cup of Crab Bisque, courtesy of Got Soup.
  • A company in otherwise a long day.
    A friend visited us with her daughter today. We talked for about 2 hours.. surely made the time went by fast while our children were playing.
  • PapaLorp's full-time job.
    Somebody has to earn the paycheck for all of us, especially if I'm not getting shifts at my on-call work. I am reminded everyday how we are one job away from loosing a comfortable life we enjoy now, and I am thankful that he is still working *every* *single* *day.*
  • Clean teeth.
    That nice, clean feeling after teeth cleaning at the dentist's office. Aaahhhh....
What are you thankful about today or this week?

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