Aerin Beauty Lipstick in Pout for Weekday

I feel this is a moot point to review something that is not available almost everywhere (certainly not from the Estee Lauder website itself). And no, I don’t think this item is in the same category as lemming-worthy Suqqu cheek brush, the unicorn of the makeup blogosphere that many lucky-but-cruel bloggers left us with puddle of drool after writing the review.

Nevertheless, I include this for completeness since I already took my precious time taking pictures, editing, water-marking, and selecting them for this post while I can do something else while BabyLorp is alseep -- you moms of babies/toddlers know what I’m talking about!!

Pout is the lipstick created for the Weekday Collection. It is the YLBB-nude type, not the nude-nude type: mauve rose for that polished look. Think of it along the line of NARS Dolce Vita, Bobbi Brown Brown, Burberry Nude Rose, etc. This color goes with somewhat conservative makeup look, a no-brainer for work and interviews, but the other day, I paired it with smoky burgundy-dark chocolate eye and contoured cheeks and I didn’t look as washed out as if I were to wear a nudey-nude.

Compared to Sweet Pea from the Weekend Collection, Pout is definitely more mauve. You’ll probably wonder, “Hmm.. I think I have something like this already in my makeup bag.” You are probably right.

There are lots of MLBB lipsticks that I owned in my stash and I didn’t bother swatching all of them or comparing them to Pout since I know it will just be the same variation of MLBB: maybe a little cooler, more mauve/rose/peach/.... insert any other adjective here. Sufficed to say it is 100% dupable, but that’s not why I bought this. I bought this because the texture is smooth and I grow to love the scent. Also, dare I admit that, sometimes, all of us buy makeup just because or maybe you need a pick-me-up wearing a new lipstick instead of the same old one that is just as good? Yeah, I’m guilty of all that.

Under direct sunlight:

From L to R: Aerin Beauty Sunday Morning lipstick -- Aerin Pout lipstick -- Aerin Multi Color for Lips and Cheeks in Natural (review to be posted soon).

Update: This is a comparison picture that I took during the rare sunny weather here. I compared it to my recent acquisition MLBB shade Burberry Lip Glow in Nude Rose.

Under the shade with natural lighting: Left is Pout -- Right is Burberry Nude Rose, here leaning peachier than Pout.

Aerin Pout lipstick is especially pretty topped with Aerin Perfect Nude lip gloss.

THM: frivolous-spending worthy, if you can find it. If not, then you can safely move on.

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