Aerin Beauty The Mini Lipstick 03 Lolabird

Lolabird is one of the lipstick that I have high hopes for. When I saw the picture of this at neimanmarcus.com and esteelauder.com, I thought this may fit the bill as pink-cranberry-type festive holiday lipstick.

As I mentioned earlier here, Lolabird is a matte, bright cool-pink lipstick with pronounced magenta/violet/purple undertone, so much so that at some angle, it looks ultraviolet (if ultraviolet can be detected by eyes) -- almost fluorescent if you will. It has quite a bit of white pigment and very little brown to it. As the result, the color just pops and bordering pastel (but not at all pale). This is one of those color you have to put on to see if it flatters your complexion. On my yellow-toned skin, this color jumps out due to the amount of purple in it. It looks actually quite bright on my mouth, and depending on the lighting, in not a good way. In indoor lighting with more warm casts, it looks quite a nice bright pink bordering fuchsia, but unlike YSL in a way that this one is not transparent and doesn’t seem to allow your natural lip color mingle.

Being a matte lipstick, I must say the formula is very comfortable to wear, in fact, more comfortable than Burberry Lip Velvets. It is still drying to the lips, but somewhat lighter feel than Burberry Velvets. It is scented with signature Aerin rose scent which is soapy, but quite pleasant. It lasts a decent amount of time (for me, that means lasts over a meal), and it leaves a stain behind. The ingredients are a bit different than that of previously-released Aerin lipsticks which were cremes. Here are the ingredient shots. On the left side is of the Mini Lipstick Love (ingredients the same as the old version Aerin creme lipsticks), and the right side is Lolabird.

Ingredients: Aerin Lipsticks Creme v.s. Matte
These two pictures were taken on the same day, in a matter of minutes. The cloud shifts around that day thus the differences in exposure.

The swatches. The only other matte lipsticks that I owned are from Burberry Lip Velvets, previously reviewed here and here. The Burberry shades are far more flattering to wear and I think will suit many different skin tones than Lolabird. Keep in mind, they are not exactly the same, comparable shade, nor I think there’s any comparable one in the Burberry line. What makes Burberry shades more flattering is their brown undertone, making the color more wearable once you actually put it on the lips.

Under direct sunlight:

From L to R: Burberry Lip Velvet in Rose Pink -- Aerin Lolabird -- Burberry Lip Velvet in Pink Azalea -- Burberry Lip Glow in Primrose Hill Pink (throw in just as a comparison for the formula: matte v.s. creme).

Notice how Lolabird stands out, making the Pink Azalea very muted in color -- in fact, Lolabird is more azalea than Pink Azalea, if that makes sense!

Again, under the shade with natural lighting:

THM: hold off and try at a local counter if you can before you decide if this is the magenta for you.

Aerin The Mini Lipsticks from Holiday Color Collection ($30 each) is up at neimanmarcus.com and esteelauder.com.

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