Aerin Beauty The Mini Lipstick. Swatches and A Mini Review.

I found myself liking Aerin Beauty products lately. Not only the colors are natural and wearable (read: boring to some), but also the rose fragrance grows on me. The lip products are relatively comfortable to wear. The lipsticks are meltingly smooth and the glosses are rather un-tacky. There are no doubt dupable products, and certainly anyone can find something similar to suit the budget, but I really enjoy wearing them so much. I have added a lot of items in my collection which I will review one by one.

I watched this video interview about Aerin explaining her collection as a well-edited one, geared towards women who keep up with trend but don’t want the hassle of choosing from so many different trends out there. In my opinion, this excludes those of us who are die-hard make up fan as many of us already talk about collections before they are even released. So, is this why I found a dearth of review of Aerin Beauty products in the blogosphere out there? Anyhow, as holiday season is upon us, I thought I’d review the Mini Lipsticks from the Holiday Color Collection.

First off, I only purchased 3 of the 4 lipsticks offered. I was chatting with a beauty consultant at neimanmarcus.com and she mentioned that the first shade, 01 Winter Rose, is shimmery and since in general I don’t like shimmer on my lipstick, I passed on that.

Notice from the box, it says the Mini Lipstick. Well, how mini are they?

On the LH side is the Sunday Morning lipstick from previous Fall collection, and on the RH side is one of the Mini Lipstick. It is mini in its height. It is 2.25 inches (56 mm) from top to bottom, compared to 2.5 inches (63 mm) of the old lipstick. The base width and length are the same. Another difference between the old lipstick and the Mini Lipstick is the weight. The Mini Lipstick is more lightweight compared to the old one. I reviewed the old lipstick here, and mentioned that the weight is mostly on the cap, so on the Mini Lipstick, the top is now a more lightweight plastic with the same gold embossing.

The bullet is full size, though, the same as the old lipstick. LH is Sunday Morning from earlier collection, and RH is the new Mini Lipstick Lolabird.

Here’s the trio shots that I purchased.

Now, the swatches. I was surprised to find out that one of the Mini Lipstick, Lolabird, is matte. Both Love and Dahlia are the same sheer creme formulation as the old lipstick collections. There are differences in the ingredients between the matte and the creme formulation and I will review it in future blog post. With Winter Rose's shimmer formulation, I begin to think that Aerin is branching out the lipstick range and perhaps testing the water with this collection.

Under the shade with natural sunlight:

From LH to RH: Love 02 -- Lolabird 03 -- Dahlia 04.

Love is a sheer, sheer nude. Upon initial swatch, it is even more sheer, more caramel/brown in tone than Sunday Morning, making Sunday Morning significantly more pink & alive. Although it is sheer, on my semi-pigmented lips, it gives the look of foundation/concealer lips due to its white pigment. As a reference, my facial skin is NC 20 now, and this is swatched on the inside wrist, which is even paler.

Lolabird is bright blue-based pink with strong fuchsia undertone. Under direct sunlight, it even looks somewhat fluorescent violet from some angle. It is matte and quite pigmented and can be blotted down to a bright magenta stain. I think this will look stunning on darker skin tone.

Dahlia is a transparent creme wine. Think of it more as merlot wine than burgundy/bordeaux; quite plummy and cool, as opposed to oxblood. On my fair skin, it looks somewhat vampy, and I think with the right lip pencil (perhaps those with a tad browner undertone), one can turn this into a vampy color. I found the color transparent, yet buildable at the same time. Could this be Black Orchid alternative for the faint of heart?

Note on the above picture, how sheer Love and Dahlia are, and Lolabird is quite pigmented matte.

Another look, under direct sunlight:

Love and Dahlia look shimmering (and no, it’s not shimmer, it’s just the sheen catching direct sunlight, pardon my picture-taking skill) compared to Lolabird, which is flat and matte.

The only other swatch that I found is from Makeup and Beauty Blog here, as a comparison on different skin tone. I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini review. Next up, I plan to do comparison swatches of each shade, weather permitting.

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