Aerin Beauty The Mini Lipsticks 04 Dahlia

One of cult favorite among beauty fashionistas is Tom Ford Black Orchid lipstick, perhaps made even more famous by Lisa Eldridge’s video here.

Being a fair-skinned lady, dark lipsticks tend to suck the life out of my face instantly. It is also high-maintenance, enough for me to avoid it like a plaque, especially with taking care of a toddler on the run. So, the idea of spending close to $50 for a lipstick at this point is a bit too indulgent.

Comes Dahlia. From the same company which produces Tom Ford line, I thought this may be a good compromise, for now. Considering I’ll only wear this on occasions that I don’t really have (aka at home, when the baby is asleep, and I have time to play with makeup to de-stress), Dahlia Mini Lipstick from Aerin Holiday Collection is quite appealing to me.

This time, my camera was able to capture the engraved “AERIN” on the side of the barrel here. The engraving is there on all of the lipsticks.

As I mentioned here, Dahlia has the same creme formulation as previously-released Aerin lipsticks, making it comfortable to wear. It is rose-scented and goes on with natural sheen. It is quite pigmented, even with one swipe, as evident on the LH side swatch below. The RH side is done with four swipes, both straight from the bullet.

Creme formula also means it can be blotted down to a stain, or rub with fingers and patted gently on lips. Either way, the color payoff is quite good and the lack of opacity lets your natural lip color through, which makes it easier to wear. True to Aerin’s own philosophy, this vampy lipstick is one for those who doesn’t want to try out several shades out there. It is quite foolproof.

Here’s another swatch taken under the shade.

The only other dark, plummy lipstick that I owned close to this one is Burberry Lip Glow in Bright Plum, which is a tad brighter/redder than Dahlia. Here is the comparison, under direct sunlight:

Clockwise from upper LH: Aerin Dahlia single swipe -- Burberry Bright Plum 4 swipes -- Dahlia 4 swipes -- Bright Plum single swipe.
Notice how on the bottom two swatches, both lipsticks go on with a little bit of sheen to it.

THM: Love it! A vamp for all of us muggles out there.


  1. These look great! Lipstick looks pretty ridiculous on me but I wish I could wear it. Love Tom Ford. I had no idea he has a make-up line!

    1. Vanessa, I think you'll look great with lipstick! Have you tried some bright shades, nothing too dark, perhaps a pinkish-berry sheer stain? My lips are on the thinner side: too dark of a color will make me mean-mouthed :-} Yes, TF has an uber-expensive, luxury make up line out now.

  2. I love Bright Plum but now you are making me eye another lippy!!! Oh how fickle I am!

    1. A girl can never have too many lipsticks, I suppose :-)