Autumn/Winter Ten-Item Wardrobe

Ten-Item Wardrobe

Ten-Item Wardrobe by declairelegenou featuring leather ballet shoes

I am a big fan of Jennifer from The Daily Connoisseur ever since I stumbled upon her blog. I've been always a Francophile but what appeals to me about her well-written blog is that she is also a mom young children, like me. One of the concept that she introduced in her blog and newly-published book is the ten-item wardrobe. Since her recent posts, I've been inspired to ruthlessly edit my closet and see if I can just live with ten-item wardrobe.

Granted, my daily life is pretty hectic with a toddler boy at the ready to climb, run and grab anything forbidden. In addition, PapaLorp is out 3 days out of 5, so shower and putting on makeup in the morning are luxuries on those days. I live in Seattle where the weather is rainy and gloomy most of the time, but we've been blessed so far with abundance of drier-than-normal weather, even some sunshine! My typical day consists of driving BabyLorp to play date/class of the day, followed by a stop in the local park, then back home for nap, eat, and some more play. People I meet are mostly other moms, teachers, people at cafe and such.

Above is a representative of my capsule wardrobe plus the extras that I use daily. I must admit, I hate clothes shopping -- I much rather shop for makeup. I'm not one who will hunt for bargain or get the latest trends (eventhough I admire those who do and wear them). I bought most of my items from J.Crew, Madewell, Banana Republic, anywhere clothes can be purchased easily online. 

  • A black cashmere v-neck sweater. The one I have is from J.Crew circa mid-90s, when they still made their cashmere sweaters in Italy (not China, as sadly many are made now). It was made from a tightly-spun yarn. It pills very little and it only gets softer after each wash. I hand-wash all my sweaters, saving $$ on dry-cleaning bills. I then de-fuzz the pills using an electric sweater shaver and they look as good as new.
  • Basic long-sleeved t-shirts. Your garden-variety kind. I got mine mostly from J.Crew, the thin, tissue ones, in black, grey, and navy.
  • A silk top similar to this one from Madewell. 
  • A pair of cropped tweed pants.
  • A pair of skinny jeans in medium wash.
  • A pair of boot-cut jeans in dark wash.
  • A puffer vest.
  • A navy peacoat, mine is just like this with tie-belt, J.Crew circa 2010.
  • A grey hand-knitted hat. Mine is a delicious blend of hand-dyed cashmere yarn with fluffy mohair. If you are a knitter, check out the pattern right here.
  • A camel hand-knitted snood/circular scarf, hand-knitted from a chunky camel yarn.
  • Skip-Hop Deluxe diaper bag: a utilitarian one without much frills. 
  • Two pairs ballet flats, one in camel/nude and one in black, both are in patent leather. As the weather gets colder and wetter, I will swap the ballets with a pair of Tod's driver, mine are in Navy.
The gap I have in my capsule wardrobe is a functional rain jacket. It rains so much here that a mere trench coat will leave me drenched. I need something more along the rain jackets from the NorthFace, but I feel it doesn't look as chic. I also need a pair of comfortable shoes that can stand outdoor puddles and rain, yet still look presentable indoor. A pair of wellies can look cute, but I don't think they look polished enough being worn indoor. Another alternative would be a pair of knee-high boots, but I have yet to find something that I like.

Notice also what's missing from my wardrobe: accessories. I wear very little jewelry for the obvious reason: the boy is a grabber. My accent pieces are usually my hand-knitted items (scarf, hat, or gloves), and most of the days, a nice color on the lips. Lately, I've been into the Burberry Velvets and my recent acquisition of YSL Glossy Stains.

That's pretty much my capsule ten-item wardrobe -- so far I've survived living with these items since mid-Fall. Do you have any suggestions on the items that I need? Also, I'm curious to know if you too have a capsule wardrobe in your collection, sort of your personal uniform.


  1. Lovely items! One of my winter must-haves is Uniqlo Heatech undergarments! I think I would suffer a painful death otherwise!

    1. Winter must be very cold where you are, then! I wish we have Uniqlo store here in Seattle. I think their items are moden but not overly trendy.