Aerin Beauty The Mini Lipsticks 02 Love

Love is the last installment of Aerin Beauty The Mini Lipsticks that I bought. This is one of those post that I thought, "why bother.." but somewhere in the blogosphere, someone wrote something along the line of, "I try things so you won't have to" and this certainly qualifies for it.

From L to R: Aerin The Mini Lipsticks in Love -- Lolabird -- Dahlia

Love Mini Lipstick is part of Aerin Holiday Collection (check out my other reviews of Lolabird and Dahlia) and it is one of the two nudes in the collection. 01 Winter Rose has shimmer in it and 02 Love does not.

I love nudes, and I want to love Love, but I demand a lot from my nude lipsticks. First, the color has to work. This is a no-brainer; noone wants a dead-looking nude, unless the aim is to go to a Halloween party. This is why there are so many variations of nudes out there to suit every skin tone and natural lip color. Unfortunately, Love makes me look dead, or at the very least, it gives me the concealer-lip look. It may look better on someone with tanned/bronzed skin (like Aerin herself) but I am embracing my fairness especially during winter months. Second, the nudes have to enhance the lips, not accentuating lines, dry bits and pieces of skins. Let's face it, most of us tends to neglect our lips occasionally, and this is when lipsticks come in to help us give that illusion of perfection, right? Unfortunately, Love settles on lip lines and dry bits on the lips. Finally, the formula itself has to work. Aerin creme lipsticks are relatively comfortable: they smell nice, glide smoothly, but alas! My Love smells stale! Yep, the smell of old, stale oil that has been sitting in the sun. This lipstick goes back straight to Estee Lauder Return Department.

Let's make good use of the pictures taken in the dearth of sunshine. Here I present you the swatches compared to my other nudes.

Under direct sunlight. From L to R: Burberry Lip Mist Nude Peach -- Aerin Mini Lipstick 02 Love -- Aerin Sunday Morning -- Edward Bess Secret Desire-- Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani 105

Love is decidedly nude-er than Aerin's previously released Sunday Morning lipstick. They are of the same creme formula. Notice how Sunday Morning has a tad more pink, making it a bit more flattering on my lips. The difference is subtle but it translates noticeably on my lips. Burberry Nude Peach is far more pinker than both of the Aerins. I don't know why I included the EB and GA, for completeness I guess. Another picture:

Under the shade with natural light. Same order as above picture.
THM: Love DOA, not worth your money.

On a side note: Estee Lauder has quite confusing return policy in U.S. It says on the website that shipping and returns are free, but when you receive the invoice with your shipment, it will say that return fees are not reimbursable. Should you wish to return EL products, you need to contact their customer service and they will send you a UPS shipping label, either via email/snail mail, that you can use for return. I found this a bit misleading and quite a hassle. I'm hoping that EL will fix this for the future.

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