FACE Stockholm for J.Crew Lipstick: Chili Flake

I surprised myself, again! And like I mentioned before, that does not happen very often (well, I admit, maybe it happens more than I'd like to think). But, I found a perfect warm red lipstick in a clothing store.

As so often, I opened up J.Crew catalog and found the models posing with either A: I'm super happy, look at me! or B: nonchalantly with the I'm-so-cool-I-don't-even-care -look in the eyes. Please padron the crappy screen shots below as I chucked my current J.Crew catalog already.

But almost always, they sport bright red, orangey lips and those red lips made me curious if J.Crew has a collaboration with a brand to produce it. After all which company wouldn't capitalize on such things? Sure enough, it does, and on the check out counter of my local J.Crew store, here it was: Chili Flake lipstick by FACE Stockholm.

Chili Flake is just that, bright, warm, bordering orange red. So bright that it is almost neon under some artificial light. It is very pigmented: a little goes a long way, with semi-matte finish that is quite drying. Indeed, the texture is quite hard to work with: it has very little slip, and application with a brush is a must for precision. But boy... it is soo pigmented that it leaves quite a tenacious stain afterwards. Perfect for red lipstick application technique à la Lisa Eldridge (where you'd take a small amount and brush brush brush, getting the pigment to saturate the "root of the carpet" of your lips, blot, and repeat).

Under direct sunlight, L: one swipe, R: four swipes.

The picture above belies the semi-matte finish, which is more evident once on lips. Normally I put on 3 thin layers, blotting in between, and top the lipstick with some type of matte lip balm like Nuxe Rêve de Miel. It lasts quite a bit, but the addition of lip balm will make the color transfer somewhat.

Under the shade, always a more accurate representation of the color.

Finally, so many warm-red lipsticks out there can turn fuchsia once on, this one doesn't.

In case anyone is wondering about the French Martini shade, also from FACE Stockholm for J.Crew, it is almost identical to Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Flirt, circa Spring 2012 (Horizon de Chanel collection) -- in fact, the difference is hardly detectable once worn. With far superb formulation of Chanel's I passed this one. Both colors are now available at J.Crew website and stores.

THM: Love the color but not the formula. Has anyone else tried this or found any dupe with better formulation? Perhaps from Giorgio Armani?


  1. I absolutely adore red lipstick! Unfortunately it looks really redicolous on me so I can't wear it at all...

    1. I think you'll look great w/ red lipstick! Just need to find one that suits you, which I know can be a lot of trial & error.

  2. Hi Claire
    I chanced upon your blog today, I think you have a great blog! :) I am really obsessed with red lipsticks at the moment and my favorite ones are NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in Red Square & Dragon Girl and Illamasqua's Box. These are mattes. For cheaper alternatives, I look to Maybelline and Revlon. :)

    1. Hello, thanks for stopping by & for your kind words. I love NARS velvet matte pencils and I used to own a couple of reds from Maybelline and Revlon (who doesn't own the iconic "Fire and Ice"?). What are you favorite shades from Maybelline? I have yet to try Illamasqua products, I will look into it next time I'm at Sephora.

    2. I love "Are You Red-dy", "Red Revolution" and "Porcelain Red" (this one may be an Asian exclusive, btw I am from Singapore :)) from Maybelline. They are inexpensive and of great quality! :)