Five Fave Movies for the Holiday

Happy 12/12/12! Is it only 12 days to Christmas? or maybe 12 days of Christmas starts now? Anyhow, in the Land of Lorp, we usually spend Christmas and New Year at home, being the introverts that we are. Naturally, movies are big hit in our household, especially holiday movies. We are not movie connoisseurs, so you won't see Godard or Truffaut, but here are a few that we love (all images from amazon.com -- click away as I'm not an affiliate link, or whatever they call it):

Bad Santa

Santa sooo bad it is so good to watch! A classic in the Land of Lorp. Although very sarcastic and satirical, you can't help but to want Santa to win in the end.

Love Actually

The ultimate feel-good movie for us who won't or can't travel during Christmas. The idea of Christmas in London is very appealing, especially when all can be enjoyed from your own living room.

Home Alone

Especially the first one! We'll watch the sequels sometimes when there's no other movies to watch. It is a great example of American Christmas at its excess but it has its moments, too, such as the scene where the children's choir sings.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Technically not a Christmas movie, but the movie started and ended on Christmas (or rather, around Christmas time), so yeah, why not! Besides, who can resist Colin Firth?

Groundhog Day

The perfect movie when we are snowed in. Bill Murray is hilarious and I actually love Andie MacDowell here.

We are always on the look out for suggestions of holiday movies to add to our repertoire  What are some of your favorite?


  1. Ahahahahaha!! BAD SANTA!!! That is my fave too. I do love a misbehaving "hero".

    1. Yes, and there aren't a lot of misbehaving Santas in the movies out there.