Ten Things to Write Down Before The New Year

O.k. I cheated. I got this inspiration from Oprah, right here. The idea is to write these down, then look back sometimes in the future to see where we have been. This list is thought provoking, but not too sappy/wishy-washy type of way.

Here goes mine, the select ten:

1. Watched/Read-It List.
I read loads of parenting books (cue the yawns..) but one that really grabs my attention is "Unconditional Parenting" by Alfie Kohn. He describes me perfectly: why I do the things that I do now because of how I've been parented. Loads of money from years of going to the shrink saved! Also, a very revealing point that I no longer read for pleasure :-(
Movies: I watched Skyfall finally, two days ago with PapaLorp, Anna Karenina by myself, and our holiday movies.

2. Words of Wisdom.
My Oma told me, "A girl should never go out without at least powdering the cheeks, combing the hair, and spritzing a little bit of perfume." I grew up sort of a tomboy, now I heed her advice daily.

3. My True Happiness.
At home, with BabyLorp and PapaLorp, eating good food. Equally: first thing in the morning, in bed, playing pick-a-boo.

4. The Mistake I Never Want to Make.
Using reward/punishment, especially material reward/punishment, to parent.

5. To-go Recipe.
I found this super easy & tasty Fish Pie video by Jamie Oliver a while back. I can make it in a jiff & hardly need to remember the recipe.

6. The Most Unexpected Compliment You Ever Got.
Hmm.. this is a hard one. And another very revealing question as I do tend to minimize compliments.

7. A Deep Dark Secret.
I'm a cosmetics/makeup/nail polish/perfume addict. Bottom line: quite vain.

8. That One Quote.
"What you don't have you don't need it now." - Bono, A Beautiful Day.

9. An Amendment to the Bucket List.
Ten years ago I would have had one, but thankgoodness I don't have one now! Why on earth would you want to have yet another list to be checked off?

10. Last Night's Dream.
More like 2 days ago: I was in vacation with BabyLorp & PapaLorp, they were both waiting in the car while I was in the shop purchasing some pastries and speaking French with the shop lady.

Finally, my own addition:
11. Fave Makeup Item of the Year.
I think that would be Horizon de Chanel blush for me. The one that I wear almost daily (if not at least once a week :-D) for the whole year.

Phew.. I think 10 is long enough, don't you think? What are yours?

May your New Year be filled with joy and our best wishes from the Land of Lorp.

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