Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Enchanted

I surprised myself and that does not happen very often. I thought my first Tom Ford purchase would have been one of the lipsticks -- perhaps one of the reds, or the Black Orchid -- but somehow they don't move me. Not because of the lack of quality, color or the off-putting price point, but because I am quite happy with my current lipstick wardrobe.

On the other hand, I have not been tempted by the shadow quads, simply because I don't like sparkle on my eyes and the colors are quite fashion-forward that it is hard justifying spending that much money on a non-classic item.

That is until I met Enchanted. It was, I admit, one of those semi-impulse buy during a promo that Saks had a while ago and after doing a little bit of blog research, I decided on this quad.

There are several reasons why I decided on purchasing Enchanted quad. First, the cool-toned color combo (of pink, taupe, and purple) in this palette works quite nicely on warm-toned skin. Some of the best pinks or taupes or purples that I own are of the warm toned and I find it quite hard to find a balanced cool colors that would work on warm-toned skin. Second, the sparkly accent color is more subdued than most of other quads. Third, the colors can be toned down or amped up. I know many reviews out there mentioned that the colors in this quad is very sheer/subdued, but I digress. Check out this blog post where the model is wearing quite bold smoky courtesy of Enchanted, and a makeover here, also featuring a bold Enchanted. The promo pictures themselves showcased Enchanted applied heavily smoked. I think this palette is quite versatile.

The packaging is quite luxurious and I don't expect anything less for $75. It comes with one double-ended sponge applicator and one dual sponge/brush applicator that I have yet to use. 

I also like the wide and functional mirror. It is useful not only for applying the shadow but also for everything else in general. My makeup habit is quite nomadic; I need to be able to put it on quickly, whenever and where ever, so packaging with functional mirrors are always appreciated. 

The texture of the shadows are quite dry and waxy compared to some of the buttery, powdery smooth Burberry that I'm used to. But the color pay off are quite good and I grow to like the slight waxiness of it. With my brush, I can pick up just the right amount for a wash that is buildable, without leaving behind a lot of crumbly mess. They blend seamlessly and I hardly need any primer to make the color shows up or stays put. 

Under direct sunlight. From L to R (clockwise colors from the palette): beige -- sparkly pink -- deep plum -- taupe
I don't know if I have dupes of colors from my existing palettes. I doubt because my collection is quite small. So far, I've been wearing the taupe color alone, with smoked up plum shade near the lash line and a touch of the sparkly pink on the center of the eye. On days when I want to be more subdued, I just use the blackened plum to line and a touch of the taupe on the socket. On the lips, I pair it with either Aerin Dahlia or one of the nudes. They are simply divine and they work seamlessly. I'll be watching other blogs/bloggers for some inspiration on how to put this quad to work.

Under the shade with natural lighting, same order as above.
THM: Love. If you have $75 lying around somewhere, get it.


  1. So pretty! I can only imagine that Tom Ford makes beautiful make up. He is so perfect.

    1. He does have an exquisite taste. Have you tried Tom Ford makeup/find it where you live?

  2. The palette looks exquisite. I love the deep and rich colours, especially the plum. :)

    1. Yes, the deep plum is especially rich. Thanks for stopping by!