Goodies from Vacation, Part II.

VoCE magazine is apparently a quite popular magazine. The issue that I got from my mom was the December 2012. It is chock-full of info on Christmas coffrets, specials and such, but one particular article makes this natural geek tingle all over the place.

Lo and behold, a rather curious semi-scientific experiments on evaluating a performance of a cosmetic product. In this case a pinky beige lipstick -- what a perfect guinea pig cause who can't use a pinky beige lipstick?

The lineup consists of several Japanese brands (RMK, Lunasol, etc.) and mainstream European such as Givenchy, Chanel and Dior. They are all in the pink-beige range. In case anyone is interested, these are the ones that I recognize. Lipstick no 3. is Givency Rouge Interdit Shine no. 30. Lipstick no. 5 is Chanel Rouge Allure no. 89 Gracille. Lipstick no. 6 is Dior Rouge Dior Nude no. 169 Grege. Lipstick no. 7 is Paul & Joe no. 302 Retro. Lipstick no. 9 is Lancome L'absolu Rouge in 309.

I'm not sure what test no.1 is all about, but according to BabyLorp's nanny, who was born in Japan but grew up here, it has something to do with the moisture of the lipstick.

Test no. 5 is pretty much self-explanatory: how sticky the lipstick. It gets A+ for creativity, I thought. The little star confetti shows you how sticky the lipstick once you put it on. Cute and qualitative at the same time.

Test no. 6 is I think the most useful. Many times, pinky beige lipstick can look pasty on me, and something that is quite sheer will be more likely wearable. They paint the lipstick on a piece of crystal, and you can see how different lipstick has different opacity. For example, lipstick no. 5 is the most opaque and lipstick no. 9 is the most transparent.

Finally, test no. 3 is also quite useful and quite self-explanatory. Notice the fake mouth that they use to stamp on the cups. Like they said, reproducibility is the hallmark of a good scientific experiment. A++ for cuteness and creativity, too.

So, which lipstick reign supreme? I'm sure the article talks about that in depth, but I think these tests not only useful in finding the best pinky beige lipstick, but also to choose the lipstick your fancy: would you rather wear an opaque lipstick? A moisturizing one but don't mind the transfer? Or a long-lasting one? Don't you wish the Good Housekeeping magazine would do these tests?


  1. I love these Voce tests! Once they ran rival packs of sanitary towels through their paces XD

    1. Sanitary towels??!? Now that is v. scientific and potentially v. useful indeed :-D