Tom Ford Lip Color 10 Cherry Lush

A few years back, during winter time, I read Diary of Anne Frank. In it, she described how she received a jar of yogurt as her first-time ever Christmas present, or how she was saving sugar from her morning cereal to give to Miep and Bep as her Christmas present. I was struck by the simplicity of the gift, yet how precious it must be to have such things during the war. Well, life as we know it is far from that era, or even the futuristic portrayal of "Soylent Green." We all can enjoy a jar of strawberry jam or a pot of yogurt anytime we want, but some of the meaningful gifts in my life are simple and treasured.

We in the Land of Lorp are never big on Christmas gift giving. Perhaps we have not done our part yet to boost the economy by massive consumerism during the holiday, but we feel this is what is right for us. Naturally, Cherry Lush is a solitary gift I bought myself for Christmas. It is something I want, not something I need, and by definition, a pure indulgence. As I mentioned before, Tom Ford lipsticks left me cold but a chance encounter with a salesman changed my view.

Cherry Lush, as I remembered it, pull cool on my warm complexion, so much so I didn't give it a second chance until that morning. It was one of the rare day when I was assigned no shift from work, so I sneaked out for a matinee of Anna Karenina and a visit to Tom Ford counter. A man who manned all of the other counters around him were wrapping a Christmas gift for a gentleman. The rows of TF perfume bottles keep me occupied until he came by to greet me. He asked me if I'd like him to make some samples of the perfume. Ben oui, bien sûr! And he told me that I may like to try out some of the lipsticks. He pulled out Cherry Lush.   

Under the shade of natural lighting (from L to R): Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Mon Shu Red -- Tom Ford Cherry Lush -- Chanel Rouge Coco 31 Cambon.

Why Cherry Lush, I asked. Well, he said, because my warm but fair skin tone will clash with the blue-red lipstick perfectly. It is the cure for sallow skin and I think he was right.

My lipstick wardrobe is very tightly-curated and I ruthlessly edit everything into a manageable size. I've got around ten in rotation and they are all have served me well in every look I employ so far. Chanel Rouge Coco Cambon is my to-go cool "red" but Cherry Lush fills the gap very nicely. It is decidedly red, not leaning pink à la Cambon. It is comfortable, creme in finish, and very pigmented. And it is blue-red. Compared to Mon Shu Red (a loan, in reality, I don't own a neutral red like this one), Cherry Lush is cooler. Heck, Cherry Lush even makes Cambon looks warm! All swatches are composed of four swipes; you can see the pigmentation of TF lipstick, compared to Shu's and RC. 

Under direct sunlight. Same order as above.
Having a tightly-curated wardrobe also means I appreciate blog posts out there that compare shades with other shades from other brands. I don't know about you, but I really hate buying something, bringing it home, only to realize that I already have the dupe in my drawer. Perhaps the color is a tad cooler, a touch warmer, etc. etc. but if it goes on the same on my face, why bother? So, I hope mine has helped someone out there who are thinking of pulling the trigger for this investment.

See Cherry Lush in action on a lovely fellow blogger here. How cool is that?

THM: a luxurious gift, pure self-indulgence.

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