Aerin Beauty Multi Color for Lips and Cheeks in 03 Sweet Pea and 02 Freesia

Aerin Beauty team must have worked very hard to get their products known out there. Much of the reviews on the blogosphere are from PR samples and none of them so far, that I know of, is independently purchased, like my reviews!

That also means the products reviewed are limited to those the PR people wants you to know and perhaps rarely those that you want to know (aka buy). E.g. none of the reviews compares the different shade of the lipsticks, glosses, or blushes side by side perhaps because the PR people only give one of each product type for each blogger. I hope by writing these reviews I'm helping someone out there to objectively evaluate their purchases.

I'm lucky enough to live near a Nordstrom counter which carries Aerin Beauty products so I can go there and play in person. They carry most of the Spring 2013 Garden Color Collection with the exception of Tulip lipstick (which I will review on the later post, available from Aerin/Estee Lauder website). Sufficed to say (and I won't belabored on this), the eye shadows are sorely disappointing. The pigmentation is non-existent and the texture is quite chalky. Google yourself and find some swatches out there, see if you'd agree with me. The only thing enticing about them is the pretty packaging.

Where Aerin Beauty excels, in my opinion, is in their lip and/or cheek products. As I mentioned before, I'm a fan of the formulation and also the scent.

Having dry skin means almost all of my blushes are in cream form now, and I'm always on the look out for a good cream blush. I've been quite satisfied with the ones that I've got (Bobbi Brown, Becca, Canmake, and some other odd brands). Keep in mind that my criteria of choosing a cream blush is based on blend-ability, color (translated onto skin, not on packaging), and texture. I don't care so much about longevity in makeup -- I like my everyday makeup to look lived-in and realistic, not perfect all-day long like a plaster mask.

Aerin Beauty Multi Color for Lips and Cheeks in Sweet Pea (left) and Freesia (right), in natural light.
I have reviewed the previously released color 01 Natural here and these new colors are nice additions to the line. To recap, the formulation is a bit on the thinner side. Where Bobbi Brown's is waxier, almost lipstick-like, and Becca is on the gel-silicony end of the spectrum, Aerin's is rather thin, melt-on-your-finger oily-cream that can be quite drying on the lips (hence, I don't use it by itself). Just think of rubbing your warm finger on a piece of chocolate, some of it melting underneath, it is almost like that.

03 Sweet Pea is a peachy pink without shimmer. The swatch color representation on the website is rather poor. It is not cool toned the least bit, on contrary it is quite warm. Pigmentation is rather sheer and transparent, allowing much of your skin tone to show through. The thin texture is very easy to blend on the skin and layer on top of the foundation without rubbing it off. I've used these with fingers and stippling brush with good results. Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouges are far more tenacious than these to blend. The color is very pretty and I enjoy wearing it a lot.

02 Freesia is a peachy pink with peach/golden shimmer. On the picture above, it seems that Freesia is lighter than Sweet Pea. Tonally, they are both equal, but the shimmer particle reflects the light and as such it reads as lighter on the picture. The shimmer is quite refined (micro-shimmer if you will) and the texture is somewhat drier than that of Sweet Pea. Unfortunately, the shimmer particles do transfer. One time, I found BabyLorp's cheeks and downy hair covered with some shimmery/glittery particle -- no doubt from all the cuddling, kissing, and hugging.

Here's the arm swatch taken under the shade of natural sunlight.

Sweet Pea (left), Freesia (right).
A pan shot under direct sunlight (sorry for lack of focus, this was done while BabyLorp was sneaking up behind me).

Sweet Pea (left), Freesia (right).
Arm swatch under direct sunlight:

Sweet Pea (left), Freesia (right).
... and again at another angle:

Sweet Pea (left), Freesia (right).
Notice how both are tonally equal, but with shimmery Freesia reads as more peachy & lighter. I think Freesia will look nicer on tanned skin (like Aerin's own -- I notice that this seems to be the trend in Aerin Beauty products, many are designed to look good on tanned skin) while fair skin will probably do better with Sweet Pea. There's something in the golden shimmer that enhances the tan.

The obligatory ingredient list -- practically identical:

Sweet Pea

Finally, unlike the previously released Natural, these two seem to be unscented. My next project, when the sun decides to come out and BabyLorp decides to take extra long nap, is to do a comparison swatches with other cream blushes that I have.

THM: very nice additions, especially if you are looking for a new peachy-pink cream blush.

On a side note: I read up somewhere that Estee Lauder is not cruelty free, and so happen I noticed the ingredient on the very last line: "Carmine." As you may have known, carmine is ground up pigment, produced from a type of insect.

Update 3/13/2013: Recently, it has come to my attention that Bobbi Brown just released a peachy-pink Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge to benefit charities. If anyone wonders how this compares to any of the Aerin blushes above, PPPR is a lot warmer than Sweet Pea but a tad pinker than Freesia. PPPR is a good alternative, but not the exact same shade, to Freesia sans the falling-out shimmers.
BUT! There's more... before you purchase makeup because it benefits charity, please flock here and read up all about it. 


  1. Do these dry down to a powder finish or do they remain "wet" and sit on top of the skin? You said the shimmer in the freesia transfers but does it also compromise your foundation? I really enjoy your blog and many thanks for including the ingredient lists for products reviewed.

    1. Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

      No, none of Aerin Multi Colors dry down to powder finish (like Giorgio Armani Cream blush, for e.g.) These stay as creme texture on skin. Think about how lipstick/Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge on your skin, it stays that way. They are somewhat stay put once you pat them on, but any good cream blush should do that.

      In regards to the shimmer in Freesia: no, it does not compromise my foundation, namely, the foundation does not rub off on my son's cheek, but the shimmer particles do. I'm actually sending Freesia back because of this: you can achieve similar glow without the transfer with other cream blush + highlighter of your choice. For e.g. I use Burberry Sheer Glow or Becca SSP on top of my cream blush.

      Hope this helps!

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