Rosy Glossy

It seems to me the trend for Spring 2013 is bright glosses. Burberry seems to lead the pack with several great choices, but alas, I'm not fond of their gloss formula nor the Parma Violet scent.

From Front to Back: Burberry Lip Glow 04 Blush -- Estee Lauder Pure Color High Gloss 07 Flashdance --  Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss 22 Rosy -- Aerin Beauty Lip Gloss 04 Cassis -- Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss 03 Petal.

Next on my list is Aerin Beauty whose gloss formula and scent I came to like. From all the three offerings this Spring, I chose Cassis. Lo and behold, it is an exact reincarnation of Bobbi Brown Rosy Lip Gloss (circa.. oh, I won't bother, that was back when BB lipgloss was still in chubby container with splicing brush). 

Dig into my stash I went and found these glosses of similar colors: 
  • Burberry Lip Glow in 04 Blush, a dusky, sheer, rosy hue.
  • Estee Lauder Pure Color High Gloss 07 Flashdance, a GWP but looks so great that I kept it.
  • Bobbi Brown Lip Glosses in 22 Rosy and 3 Petal -- updated: they are now available in larger size, newer format here.
  • Aerin Beauty Lip Gloss 04 Cassis from her Garden Color Collection -- my recent acquisition.

Swatches under shadow with natural light, same order as above.
Practically identical! All of the glosses have the same pigmentation, except for the EL. As you can see above, EL is more sheer and has shimmer on it.

Swatches under direct light, same order as above.
My preferred lip gloss formula is that of Bobbi Brown's: it is long lasting but also thicker than the others. EL formula is really not bad at all, but thinner, and I need to reapply often. Aerin is perhaps in between, as is Burberry. I feel I don't need to own both the Bobbi Brown Rosy and Aerin Cassis, so one has to go.

Am I glad I shopped in my own drawer!


  1. What a delightful bunch of pinks! That Aerin gloss is looking particularly wonderful!

    1. Aerin gloss formula is quite thin but nice on. Also, I think this brand is hard to find, so I'm providing some comparison swatches to the readily-available Bobbi Brown (which is practically identical in color!).