Things I miss for being a mom..

Last night, I had a dream where I was chatting with my old school girlfriends and we were all going out to a movie and had a good time, but then I suddenly remembered I've left BabyLorp alone, sleeping at home by himself. I woke up in mild panic, and relieved knowing I indeed have not gone out in a long time.

So, these are simple things that I missed, now that I'm a mom to a young child:

Going to public bathrooms, alone. 
Imagine, you and baby go out for an outing and you need to use the toilet desperately. Big problem: where do you put the baby when you go? Some public toilet don't have big enough doorway to fit a stroller or worse, a big enough stall that can fit a stroller. Most of the ADA requirements for handicap stall can only fit a wheel chair, but most strollers are usually longer and wider than that. So? You hold until you got home.

Eating out or going to the movie. 
Enough said: who will watch after the baby? If you are lucky enough to have grandparents nearby, well, you should thank them profusely. Most nannies will pick and choose when they are "available" for date-nights coverage, certainly not when we need them. And when nannies are available, they cost around $15-$20/hour where I live, so 3-hour outing (which is not long) becomes almost close to $100 -- even though their job is only to watch the baby monitor after the baby goes to sleep.

Eating undisturbed. 
Baby wants your food, constantly, and BabyLorp particularly likes to grab food. They like to do what us adult do, including eating our food. Repeat this three times daily.

Even the simplest vacation become a logistical challenge. For example: most babies/toddlers usually go to bed around 7-8 PM, or way earlier than us adult, especially on vacation when us adults like to indulge in staying late. So, imagine you are in a hotel room, baby falls asleep, now what? We certainly cannot go out, that would be against the law to leave sleeping baby alone, yet we can't even chat or turn on the light or watch TV in the room.

Doing errand when you need it done. 
A simple grocery run mostly needs to be plan ahead of time and can become a total production.

Showering or using the toilet with door closed and not having to sing (to the baby, that is), or playing pick-a-boo.

I'm sure there will come a time when BabyLorp no longer needs me all that much. As my favorite mantra says,"This too shall pass." So, moms, what are things that you miss?


  1. Lovely post. I bet you will miss these when BabyLorp is all grown up?

    1. Wisely so, my friend. Wisely so.. I'd probably reminisce by saying, "Remember when I had to do pick-a-boo while dripping wet from the shower?" :-D