Aerin Beauty Lipstick in 03 Tulip (from Aerin Beauty Garden Collor)

The last item from Aerin Beauty Garden Color Collection that I purchased is the lipstick, 03 Tulip.

This color is not available at my local Nordstrom Aerin counter, so I have to order it online. I was hoping that this color would lay on the pink spectrum of beige-pink: so many beige-pink lipstick out there are more beige leaning ever so slightly pink. For spring, I thought a pinker lipstick would perk up my mood in the so many grey days that still linger here.

As it turns out, the color reminds me very much of Chanel Rouge Allure 89 Gracile (my staple beige-pink lipstick) but this one has fine pink and gold shimmer particle in it so when the light hits, it looks somewhat cooler pink. The shimmer is not too visible, overall impression is quite creamy, but one can see shimmers under direct sunlight. Is this what one may consider as satin finish? While I love the formulation of Aerin's previous lipsticks, I found this one to be a bit drying. 

Here's the swatch under the shade of a gloriously sunny day (I didn't know why was I at home at all!):

From L to R: Aerin Beauty Lipstick 03 Tulip (four swipes) -- Chanel Rouge Allure 89 Gracile (two swipes)

Notice how Tulip is a lot sheerer than Gracile. Same order, under direct sunlight:

You can see the shimmer on Tulip, translating more like a cool-toned sheen, versus the utterly cream Gracile.

Finally, ingredient pictures:

With so many beige-pink lipstick in my wardrobe (one is one too many) any new addition to my stash has to: 1. fill the gap in terms of texture, color, finish, etc. and 2. be absolutely impecable & of good enough quality that I want to wear it for many years to come. This one sadly, Tulip doesn't fit in any of those categories.

THM: standard, rather drying beige-pink lipstick, YMMV so choose what you need.


  1. So pretty! I hardly ever use lipstick because it look ridiculous on me but this could possibly work since it's so soft.

    1. You should try it, I think this type of color will work for you, Vanessa!