Confession of a Blush Addict (and How to Donate Used Makeup)

Update: How to donate used makeup? Scroll down to see comments below after the post.

If you have been following my humble little blog for a while, you will notice my pride (read: bragging) of keeping my makeup stash small. Well, Lent is the time for repentance and without further ado, I confess my biggest sin of being a blush addict..

Makeup Tray: Ikea

At the height of gluttony, I have a drawer-full of blush. Thankgoodness that heavy burden has been lifted from my shoulder, only to be replaced with another equally heavy burden of keeping the stash as minimal as possible.

My "minimalistic" stash of 32 blushes. Does a girl really need that many?

Peachy Pinks:

Clockwise from LH side: Aerin Sweet Pea -- Stila CC Lilium -- Horizon de Chanel Spring 2012 -- Becca Guava
The workhorse of all blushes in my stash, peachy pinks flatter my yellow-toned complexion. Sweet Pea is a touch cooler and better on the lips than Lilium, Horizon is the only one which has shimmer. I use Becca during summer when I want something really waterproof.

Neutral Pinks:

Chanel JC Rose Initiale -- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Powder Pink
In neutral pink, I keep one cooler shade of Rose Initiale and one warmer share of Powder Pink. I guess I can get away with just one, but I cannot resist the sophistication of JC.

Cooler Pinks:

From L to R: Bourjois Cendre de Rose Brun -- Canmake Cream Cheek no. 10 -- Burberry Peony. Middle: Ettusais  Cheek Puff ca. 2002 in Guava

This group also works very well on my yellow-toned skin, depending on the look I'm trying to achieve. I've been using the Canmake blush a lot. It is quite stay put & very creamy on the skin. Cendre de Rose Brun is a beautiful fresh pink, lovely pop for extra girly look. The Ettusais is hardly functional -- it is a powder blush inside a cute puff. The idea is you shake the puff and the powder will come out. I keep it for sentimental value since I got it from a trip. The Burberry Peony is my second pan. Yes, I love it so much, still do.

Roses and Reds:

Clockwise from LH side: Bourjois Rose Ambre -- Stila Forget Me Not -- Burberry Cameo -- Chanel JC Rose Ecrin -- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Pink Truffle
I'm not sure why I don't have more of these group, but the few that I have is quite good, I think. Forget Me Not is a windburned shade for Fall, great paired with khaki eyes. Cameo is just a tad plumier than Forget Me Not -- I know it doesn't look like so on the picture. Rose Ecrin is pale dusky-pink rose, perfect for smoky eyes. Pink Truffle is great on lips as well as on cheeks, it is pinker than the Stila. Rose Ambre is a great terracota red, while Forget Me Not and Cameo are more cooler rose-red.

Peaches and Corals:

Clockwise from top LH: Stila Camelia -- Burberry Tangerine -- Chanel JC Espiegle -- Giorgio Armani no 10 -- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Sandstone Pink -- Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in Tranquil Pink -- Canmake Cream Cheek no 5 -- Stila Gerbera. Middle: Ettusais Cheek Puff in Apricot.
Whoa! Just when I think I've got other colors in manageable size, this one is out of control. Who doesn't love peach blush? Only two of them are shimmers, the Shu and GA. Tranquil Pink is really not pink, it is quite pinkish peach with the most beautiful golden glow. While Camelia and Sandstone Pink may look like dupes, they are not. They are so different on: I can use Sandstone Pink as cream contour, Camelia has enough red in it to pass as a blush on its own. I thought the Canmake may be a good dupe to retire Gerbera.. not so. Again, both are so slightly different on as evident on the pan.


Clockwise from LH: RMK Mix Color Cheek in 02 Coral -- Giorgio Armani Fresh Berry Palette no 1 -- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink -- Stila Orchid -- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Raspberry Pink -- Stila Fuschia
Self-explanatory. Orchid is the most beautiful plumy hue that translate into flushed cheeks. The RMK may look deceitful but it is very pigmented coral. Notice, almost all of my brights are cream for ease of blending.

Bronzer and contour:

LH: NARS Orgasm/Laguna Duo -- Burberry Earthy
Again, another self-explanatory group. Missing on this is my other bronzer, which is Bourjois, the chocolate-look-alike kind. I'm a bit ambivalent about bronzer on my face; somehow I love embracing my paleness, even in summer time. Earthy goes on as contour (sometimes even on lids). I don't know why I'm still hanging on to the NARS. Honestly, I don't care much about the shimmery Orgasm, and Laguna doesn't do that much except when I need to look a bit bronzed.

The ones that didn't make it (but showed up on recent reviews):
  • Aerin Multi Color for Lips and Cheeks in Natural: I feel this color is a bit too muddy and lack.. certain direction. I like my blush to fill in the gap for what I'm lacking. This one doesn't really fill any need nor the color unique enough to retain.
  • Aerin Multi Color in Freesia: too much fall-out shimmer, lovely on the mama, not so on the boy. This one will go to a very happy lady.

So, can we pare this stash down even further? Which blush should I get rid of? Ideas? And also, where and how do you get rid of used makeup? Recently, I found a place that accept makeup donation. If you are interested, let me know and I'll put the info on this page.


  1. oh gosh, if I am going to post my stash...but I don't have Aerin beauty yet (always room for more blush)

    1. Some people would buy lipstick/gloss but blush is my impulse buy.

  2. Impressive! I too recently had a moment of shock when I looked thru my stash, which I always assumed was quite minimal... Because I tend to use the same products every day... At any rate it's not as minimal as I thought!

    I would be grateful if you could post the makeup donation place as I would love to send some of my gently used items to a good home :-)

    1. Check out the info right here:
      I called around local women's shelter first to see if they will accept donation. I heard that some will but none in my area will accept used makeup. Good luck!

    2. I've done the same, meaning calling around a women's shelter - they are nervous about accepting items due to the potential for law suits. But I will keep looking! (I am no where near texas so going to Renee's center is not really handy either. Much as I would love to)

      thanks for the info !

    3. The Renee Rouleau Spa accepts donation by mail! Yes, you can send your unused makeup there, just follow the guidelines that the blog stated.

  3. That is such an impressive collection, Claire! I have exactly one...I don't really wear much make up in normal life. Usually just mascara, if I remember to put it on...I do like to get fancy for my videos or special events :)

    1. I'm actually quite ashamed to admit that I've stashed this MANY blushes :-\ I need to pare them down, really, to the bare minimum since I actually only use 2-3 in rotation per season.