Dior Lilac Colorvision v.s. Essie Bond with Whomever: A Spot On Dupe?

I'm loving my Dior Vernis more and more lately. The brush, the color, the finish, and the new gel top coat practically seal the deal.

I saw this beautiful Dior Lilac Colorvision Vernis (reviewed here by Sabrina) but couldn't find it at my local Sephora (only a cruel teaser of tester, but none in stock). What's a girl to do? Hunting for a dupe, of course! And in the course of dupe hunting, one can get really lucky to find a spot on one. So spot on, I wonder if anyone could guess which one is which.

Here are the pictures (not as good as Sabrina's but please click to view larger version):

Dior Lilac Colorvision #398 v.s. Essie Bond with Whomever, which one is which?

Please mind the application, my toddler only sleeps half-an-hour at a time.

Any guesses yet? All of them are topped with Dior new gel top coat.

The middle finger is the Dior, the rest are Essie. Now, when you click on the picture, you can see some cracks especially on Essies. Don't fret yet: these fingers were done a full week before I found the Dior tester at Sephora. Yes, the ones with Essies are a full week old!! Still no tip wear, only slight crack that is mostly invisible.

I used to hate Essie's formula and no nail technicians I know would recommend Essie (they much rather use OPI or CND). But I'm actually seeing a great improvement, especially with this one. It is still on the thinner side, but more self-leveling and applies more evenly. The fact that it wears for a full week without tip wear is a testament to the formula -- perhaps also more to the Dior Gel Top Coat. I saw no shrinking with this top coat + Essie combination. Kudos to Essie!!

The only tiny difference that I can tell between the Dior v.s. Essie version is that Dior has micro sparkle that makes it that much shinier in daylight. Still, the sparkle is not visible under most lighting, both appears a solid creme. But for those who can't get the Dior, the Essie one is a very good, spot on dupe in terms of color and formula.

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