Spring Uniform

Spring Uniform

My uniform (read: wardrobe) has been pretty constant since the beginning of Spring. I just grab a fresh set of underwear and t-shirt and and go with what's on the closet which is pretty much what you see above. They are not the exact items that I own, but the best representation that I could find at polyvore/internet. Many of these items I've owned for years. For example, the navy cashmere sweater that I owned is from J.Crew circa 1998. The Marinière top is from Petite Bateau that I bought 13 years ago, although I really need to find a replacement for this since this is quite old and has shown signs of wear and tear. The white jeans and blazer are from Banana Republic circa... years ago. These items are timeless and can be worn over and over again, regardless of seasons or years. They are truly core staples in my wardrobe.

Accessories are always minimal. My scarf is a Paul & Joe with similar feel to the J.Crew one above. I'm still loving my nude Eddie flats. The new addition of nude Kate Spade Cobble Hill Ellen carries the essential such as wallet, makeup bag, cell phone, and car key. Since the Toddler and I love our local park, a pair of Vans is a must, especially for walking on muddy ground. I keep a pair in the car so I can change in a whim, should the Toddler fancy a run. 

Makeup is still a no-makeup look with Spring palette and a splash of bright color. Burberry Mallow Pink was a gloss that I passed numerous times before finally caved in: nothing has the most perfect bright, vibrant, pink-bordering-coral color. When it is windy out, I pull out my Burberry Field Rose Lip Mist as a wash of moisturizing rose-pink lip. Revlon In the Buff was sadly discontinued -- it is a nude palette leaning slightly pink, perfect for Spring. Aerin Sweet Pea gives the perfect pink flush on the cheeks for the season. Finally, Chanel Tendresse is a staple nude-pink on my tips since it came out years ago.

Not shown is the perfume. Spring is a perfect time to bust out gorgeous florals. I've been wearing lots of orange blossom fragrances lately. Also not shown is the essentials such as rain jacket, trench coat, and a pair of wellies.

For those of you who are not familiar with "Ten-Item Wardrobe" please flock over to The Daily Connoisseur's website. This concept really liberates me of keeping up with the trend and mindless consumerism, while looking chic and timeless at the same time. In my case, I wish the same can be said with makeup, but I'm definitely working on it.

What are some of your favorite things to wear this Spring?

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