Update on Burberry Beauty Transition

By now, I'm sure you know my love for Burberry Beauty line: the understated, chic, yet easily wearable line. Last weekend, I visited my favorite Burberry Beauty counter to learn that some of my favorite items are all out of stock. What gives?

Turned out that Burberry Beauty is transitioning from old packaging to the new one. All the current products bearing "Inter Parfums" label will be sold until they are all gone. They will not be replenished until the new packaging launch sometimes in the Summer 2013. No information yet on the new products in terms of color selection, textures, etc. My trusty source doesn't think that Burberry will discontinue popular items like Fresh Glow (in fact, they will add more to the Fresh Glow collection with a powder version of it), or shades like Pale Barley, but from what I understand everything is still kept under wraps.

It was a misunderstanding on my part*) that Burberry products will be produced by the same manufacturer as NARS or Shiseido as implied on my previous post here. Not having a business/management background, I am still learning about the behind-the-scenes of beauty industry. Apparently BPI will manage the brand in terms of distribution and marketing, whereas the actual production of the product will be "in-house." The new packaging will bear "Burberry" as the manufacturer, not "Inter Parfums" as it is printed on the boxes now. The same goes with Burberry perfumes.

So, if you see any of your favorite Burberry items sold out, they will eventually arrive in new packaging (possibly new textures? colors?). As for me, I'm stocking up on some of the staples I know I will use, the ones whose color and texture I grow to love. A few that are in my list are Fresh Glow, Trench eye shadow, Sheer Concealer 01 Light Beige, and Peony Blush.

Finally, if your local Burberry counter does not have the product that you would like, just give them a call anyway and they may be able to locate the item in another store.

(*My commitment is to provide as accurate of information as I can to you, readers. Should an error happen, please do not hesitate to contact me. We are all constantly learning from all sources of information and mistakes do happen. My sincere apology for any confusion this may have caused.

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