Beauty Things I Gave Up:

  • Shimmery blush/highlight. Even with it, my skin looks significantly aged compared to ToddlerLorp's youthful, smooth, plump, dewy, natural glow and he isn't even trying. In fact, the shimmer transfers onto Toddler's pristine skin and I can see every bit of it. For highlight, I use Burberry Fresh Glow or a dab of La Roche Posay DermoPediatrics sunscreen since it looks so sheen-y (Interestingly, Lisa Eldridge featured a primer to be used as highlight here -- much like what I've been doing with LRP).
  • Shimmer on lips. Because it transfer onto ToddlerLorp (see above).
  • Winged eye liner. Because my eyes are hooded, and because it never looks good on me. If a winged look is desired, I use a few falsies on the outer corner instead.
  • Shimmer on eyelids. Because it only accentuates the fine wrinkles and crepey skin.
  • Undereye concealer right up to the lash line. I leaned this from Bobbi Brown (see it in her video above), ugh, what a bad advice it was, at least for me! It makes my eyes look puffy, my wrinkles pronounced, etc. And another thing I have un-learned from Bobbi Brown:
  • Setting concealer with powder. Because it looks cakey no matter what and it makes whatever I'm trying to conceal looks more obvious. Yet another thing I un-learned from Bobbi:
  • Pilling up eye cream, corrector, concealer, and powder under the eyes. Fine, thin, ageing skin won't magically plump up just by applying eye cream. I found the trick is using less product and only on the areas where concealing are needed.
  • Eyelid primer. Because no matter what, shadows will crease at the end of the day. I use sheer wash of colors instead.
  • Waxing my upper lips. Because it is painful and it breaks me out. I shave instead (and no visible 5 o'clock shadows so far).
  • Shaving my legs. Because of the stubbles. I wax instead.
  • Tweezing my eyebrows. Because fuller brows = youthful face.
  • Dyeing and perming my hair. Because virgin hair is a lot sexier and chic.
  • Tanning, faux or otherwise. Because I never look natural with it.
  • Expensive shampoo. I have never came across one that will do the job after it rinses off.
  • Expensive mascara. Because the cheaper versions do the job as well.
  • Makeup dupes. Because the real deal is the real deal, and I'll never have to waste money finding the perfect dupe.

And a few beauty things I picked up:
  • Sunscreen. Religiously. Rain or shine.
  • Chemical exfoliant and retinol, nightly.
  • Tight-lining from the top part of the lash lines.
  • Blow drying at home. Good hair day makes me feel good and it even lasts till the next day or two.
  • Giving thanks. Feeling good inside = looking good outside.
What are yours?


  1. Fascinating post, Claire! (And ack, that Bobbi *tuts*) I always admire your thoughtful simplifying, though ironically you've inspired me to revisit the idea of learning to apply falsies without giving up my liner ;)

    Could you elaborate on tightlining from the top? I think I know what this means, but would welcome a post on it :)

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by!

      Re. tightlining from the top, it is exactly what it sounds: you still line at the root of the lashes, but instead of wiggling your tightline brush from the bottom part of the lash (aka area closer to the waterline) upward, I wiggle and smush my brush from the top part of the lash downward towards waterline. When I tightline from the bottom, it usually smudge on the bottom lid (weird, I know, but my bottom lids are somewhat puffy and when I laugh/blink, things tend to transfer from top down). So yeah, there's not much to it. Some girls from makeupalley taught me this and it works perfect on me, achieving the same look without the smudge. I'm not sure if I can make a good tutorial post.. I need lots of time and time is what I don't have lately. Anywhoo.. I hope that helps.

      When using falsies, I don't give up liners either. In fact, for the mock-winged look, I beef up the line thicker towards the corner (without making a flick) and the falsies sit on the thicker line. I play around a bit with the angle of the falsies as well, I move it up/down to achieve somewhat of a winged look. Not true wing, but close enough.