Chanel's Cult Colors

Picture from chanel.com
Chanel is having a re-promo of their "Cult Color" Le Vernis: Beige, Particuliere, Pirate, Rouge Noir and Black Satin. Being a big Chanel nail polish fan, I've been following them for years, particularly when it started with Jade Collection circa 2009.

I don't know about you, but I feel there are better colors that would qualify into my personal the cult status than those five. Of course, I am no fashion guru, trend expert or such, but here are my five "cult" colors from Chanel:
  • Chanel Black Pearl. Unlike Black Satin, Black Pearl has, well, pearly finish to it that makes it that much wearable while still looking edgy and chic. Black Satin screams trendy to me, Black Pearl whispers sophistication.
  • Chanel June. A great Spring color for transitioning into Summer and late Summer as well. I cannot tell how many compliments I've got wearing this shade, everyone must ask what it is.
  • Chanel Tendresse. A great nude. Very chic, very barely-there.
  • Chanel Coromandel. Unlike Pirate, I think Coromandel has a little more depth to it, perhaps because of the golden shimmer, perhaps because of the base. It is mesmerizing to say the least. Also it leans warm, which means it works great on both warm and cool-toned skin and on blueish cold toes. The great red in my book. 
  • Chanel Morning Rose. For a very personal reason: I wore this color when BabyLorp was born. My nicely manicured toes cheered me up every time I looked at them during labor. Something sentimental, much like the nail polish you wear at your wedding, but this one is kicked up notches above (something to think about for those of you who are planning to have a baby: wear a nail color that you like!).

Five Chanel Le Vernis Personal "Cult" Colors

Honorable mention: Chanel Distraction. Not quite a coral, not quite a fuchsia either, it is a distraction.

What are your fave five from Chanel?


  1. My first Chanel polish was Vamp waaaay back when it first came out. Loved it and wore it for years. I recently picked it up again and it doesn't seem like it's the same color. Or maybe I'm getting old. LOL! Other than that the only Chanel polish is Quartz that I picked up earlier this year...I LOVE the color!!! I want Black Pearl now!

    1. I don't own Chanel Vamp, but sounds like a good color. Quartz is also a beautiful color!