Get Ready with Me: Everyday Edition.

5:00 AM or something.. wake up groggy to ToddlerLorp's cry for Mama, reassure him back to sleep, perhaps catch some more snooze.

6:30 Toddler is fully awake now and roaring to go. Kick PapaLorp's leg, it's his turn now to feed the Toddler.

7:30 My turn to be fully awake, but not really. Cooking breakfast while still trying to wake up. Hovering over hot stove on one foot while the other foot is being used by Toddler as a climbing post.

8:00 Frantic dash to brush teeth and use the toilet while Toddler screaming madly for Mama.

8:15 Papa heads out to work and he is late again!! Sing the "Good Bye" song with Toddler. Put Toddler into his training pants and hope he won't pee in it while....

9:00 Try to catch a quick snooze on the floor while Toddler uses my body as a platform to practice more climbing acrobatic skills.

9:30 Give Toddler his morning snack, strap him secure in his high chair. With the wild bear now in its enclosure, time to put on the uniform of the day (thanks to my Spring Uniform, this only takes a minute). Next, wash and put on the face of the day, i.e maybe just sunscreen and a bit of foundation. If the Toddler is especially hungry/enthusiastic about the food, then maybe add mascara and blush. If the Toddler is really, really, really happy being strapped for another 5 minutes, then maybe add tightlining to the eyes.

9:45 Go frantically back downstairs and find food all over the floor. Clean food and Toddler.

9:50 Catch Toddler and explain steps needed to be taken to go to the park for the 100th time, "Number 1. go potty, 2. put on diapers, pants, t-shirt, and jacket, 3. get strapped in the carseat, etc. etc."

10:20 Finally out the door to the park. Have loads of good time in the park with Toddler.

11:00 Go back home, put Toddler in bed for his morning nap. Cross fingers and pray that he will go down for a nap, a long one preferably.

11:15 Ahhhh.... peace. Take proper shower + proper hair wash + proper blow dry + proper makeup. Now I'm finally ready!


  1. LOLOL!!! I loved reading this :-) We don't have kids, but I'm exhausted after reading your post and that wasn't even your whole day!!

  2. Ahahah! This is a real slice of life. I love it. I am so thankful my kids are a bit older, but what is it about being in the bathroom which always entail: "Mom. Mom. Where are you. Mommy. Mommy? Mom?"

    1. ((Nodding enthusiastically)) "Mama all done!! Mama all done!!" always when I'm IN the bathroom. I'm lucky he hasn't flung the door open on me yet on public bathrooms. Le sigh...

  3. Thanks for being so real, Claire. I wish I've known about your blog better back when I lived in Bellevue, I would have totally hung out in the park with you and the Tod!

    1. I know, right? We used to hang out at Bellevue Downtown park a lot, across the street from the Mall. He had a swimming lesson at AMLI apartment across the street then we'd eat our lunch at the park & feed the ducks as well.