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We've been having a little taste of Summer here. Very unusually we had several days in the 80F! In an effort to look presentable while saving some time (see my previous post on how I get ready in the morning -- or I should say throughout the morning), I'm always on the look out for hair styling techniques.

My hair is naturally stick straight with somewhat of fine strands. I keep my hair about an inch longer below my shoulder as anything longer would prevent me from styling it fast. I also have got lots of baby hair sticking up all over from the nape and the crown, thanks to the shedding I've experienced after the delivery of BabyLorp (update: apparently quite a common problem, as discussed here in The Daily Connoisseur's video). In short, second day hair for me is a total mess, unintentional mullet to be exact. Wash and go used to be my go-to but I can't do it anymore due to this mullet predilection. So, I came across this inspiration of braided, boho chic updo of a sort. Heck, if it's chic enough for Diane Kruger, it's chic enough for me! Even our own Lisa Eldridge sported this look here in her video.

If you fancy the messy plaits, here's the tutorial straight from Adam Reed himself. I use Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray on dry, second-day hair, which gives me texture and enough hold to do the braiding. I simply keep on braiding until I cannot do it anymore (due to limited dexterity, that is, not the lack of hair), then I pull everything into a pony tail, loop and secure with bobby pins. I finish off with spraying the whole thing with strong hold hairspray (I use Aveda Control Force at the moment). This 'do won't budge, even through roughhousing with the Toddler in the park.

Do you have hair styling tricks for the summer or are you lucky enough to stay naturally coiffed?

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