Inside My Makeup Bag Now

  1. LaVanilla The Healthy Deodorant:
    a surprise find considering how stinky I can be most of the days (thanks hormones!). I think it's good for now when I'm not sweating too much, but I know I won't use this during summer months.
  2. The Honest Company Sunscreen:
    super white but super effective for the Toddler and me. I slather it on liberally on both of us.
  3. Burberry compact mirror.
  4. Burberry Lip Mist in Field Rose
  5. Burberry Lip Glow in Mallow Pink
  6. Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Pink Lily
  7. Clinique High Impact mascara sample
  8. Sonia Kashuk covered lip brush
  9. Hair tie
  10. Shiseido eye lash curler
  11. CanMake Cream Cheek No. 5
  12. RMS Beauty Modesty (sample pot)
  13. Boscia blotting papper 
  14. Supergood Serum SPF 30 sample
Makeup bag handmade by yours truly. Missing in action: another small hard case which contains my perfume samples. 


  1. Love posts like these!! I tried the LaVanilla deodorant but found it wasn't great during summer or when working out when I would sweat a lot. But I loved the smell :-) love Boscia blotting linens and I've recently picked up the Shiseido curler! I spy...BURBERRY!!! I'm jelly of your mirror...hoping they'll have another one in a gwp soon :-)

    1. Thanks, Gummy! Yep, sadly LaVanilla is not for someone/times when one sweats a lot... it is pretty decent at masking odor, though. I often wear this when I'm working out and I don't stink as much as I think I would :-)