A Thankful Weekend

Having a free childcare (i.e. PapaLorp) for these past three days have been wonderful for me to recharge my battery, as a mother and as a person. In fact, I enjoy ToddlerLorp so much better by not having to worry about changing his diapers, preparing his meals, making sure he naps, etc. All his basic needs are covered by PapaLorp and I'm left to simply enjoy my family.

This wouldn't have been possible, also, without the sacrifices of so many men and women who defended our freedom, our basic need. I'm thinking particularly of the friends and family at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, where the husband of my good friend from school and her family is stationed. Being a single mom while husband is on deployment can sometimes be very hairy, but my friend never flinch, knowing that this is what her husband dedicates his life for. He is not in the Army for getting through his college degree, he chose to be in the Army because of the dedication to his values. While I admire him for that, I admire my friend even more for sticking with him, through two re-deployments, while raising a son alone, go to school full-time and work part-time at night. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you, and we thank the sacrifices of their families as well. 

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