What Mama Really Wants

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The second part of Mother's Day installment is all about gifts of course. A part from the brunch, a day at the spa, flowers, perfumes, special hand-made art from the child, all the works (hint-hint Papa & ToddlerLorp!), I think all mothers really want an all-year-round gift that is not at all expensive, but shows that her effort is really appreciated.

Motherhood is a never-ending job. Before I became a mother, I always thought that women who are mothers are asking for it themselves. It being the management of their own children. Well, I didn't know any better... While we did make the decision with your own volition, none of us can even imagine or begin to realize the gravity of the immense responsibility that comes with motherhood until the children are here. It's like you are applying for a new job, then you work to learn the skills needed to do the job well, then you find out that the job demands more and more of your time, and the learning curve gets steeper and steeper, and you always need to be one-step ahead, and you ever get a break. Not even weekends, nights, holidays.

So, here's some last-minute gift ideas that you can give all year round and without a cost. The best part is, you can give these to any mothers out there while you go to work, do groceries, run errands, etc. These things are especially useful for mothers with small kids.
  • Offer to return her grocery cart back while she is trying to load up her children in the carseat and the groceries in the trunk
  • Open the door/help her hold the door open when she's trying to push the stroller in with one hand 
  • .... and speaking of the toilet, let her and her children use the big, handicap stall where the diaper change table usually is. Let her go first, if you can, because children are not good at waiting for just about anything but especially for toilets.
  • Hold the elevator door when she's trying to push the stroller in/out, or try to nudge her reluctant children to go out of the elevator (Kiddos think elevator ride is a ride. A RIDE! Nobody wants to stop, of course.)
  • When you see her on the grocery check out line flustered with a whining boy who wants candies, just move to the next check out line and give her some space
  • Give up your seat for her and her small children in the bus, train or other public transport.
  • When you see her about to cross the street to a park, stop your car long enough and far enough to give her and her children some space
  • Give her a break. If you know a mother and if you are comfortable with children, offer to watch them while she is taking a shower, or a sip of coffee at the corner shop. It doesn't take long for us to recharge our battery throughout the day, but when we don't, we get drained v. quickly. If you see a mother with a wailing kid in your local restaurant, give her a break by not looking at her. God knows what kind of day they have been in. Give her and the child some space to regroup. 
Finally, you don't have to compliment her children out of politeness, or try to make chit-chats with the tots if you don't want to. Even if you are not a child/kid person, these small gestures are greatly appreciated. I think these are just everyday manners and politeness that we can all extend to our fellow human being.

To all the mothers out there, wishing you a happy, relaxing day. May you be spoiled rotten, if only for a day.

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