Soleil Tan de Chanel/Bronzing Makeup Base

As I confessed recently, I've given up tanning and bronzing a long time ago. Comes summer, I'm a lone vampire against mortal humans: pale skin, huge pair of sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat. Occasionally, I long to "fit in," say when we have an informal gathering at a friend's house and such.

It isn't due to the lack of good bronzers; I'm sure many has discovered her holy grail, but most of the bronzers out there are shimmery and I've also given up on shimmers on my face. This is where Soleil Tan de Chanel comes to my rescue!

This matte bronzer, touted by La Eldridge herself, is a heavy silicone-based cream. It is quite literally pigment suspended in silicone & wax. Yet thanks to the silicones, it applies and blends like ether. I searched the blogs to see what would be the best tool to apply this. Duo-fiber brush (either paddle or rounded) or Chanel Touch Up brush seemed like the popular choice, but I chose to use Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, pictured above. Unlike its floppy duo-fiber counterpart, the Real Techniques is dense enough to retain some product (most of which is swirled on the back of my hand anyway) and unlike Chanel's Touch Up brush, its dense and small, tapered head allows precise application on the smallest part of my face (like the bridge of the nose). Another good brush is MAC 217, which allows me to apply this product in the narrowest of space, such as for contour around the nose or on the eye socket. Finally, this product can produce the sheerest veil of bronze if needs to, allowing a good range of control in color and application.

With my lemon yellow complexion, I've always had a hard time finding bronzer that is not "off." Most of the warm ones (like Diors, Tarte Park Avenue Princess, or Armanis) are too reddish/orange and the cooler ones (like the ubiquitous NARS Laguna) are too grey. Even a range that has everything in between, like Burberry, can look quite powdery on my skin. Soleil Tan is leaning warm and contains a little bit of red, brown, and ashy grey at the same time, but I think the redeeming value is the sheerness in which it can be applied and thus allowing one's natural skin tone to show through.

The swatches below are what was left after I swirled most of the product away. I try to make a gradation from the most dense to the most sheered out towards the elbow.

Under the shade:

Under direct sunlight:

The result is a very natural, believable bronze for my pale skin. I finish off the look with a kiss of my RMK Coral 02 blush just on the apples.

THM: I will never buy another bronzer again.

This marks my 100th post in this blog! Thank you everyone for your support.


  1. That looks very natural and sun-kissed on you! :) I, too find myself paler as the years go by.
    Happy 100! and Congratulations!

    1. Hi Bellyhead! Thank you for stopping by and the kind comment. I'm curious of which bronzer has worked for you, maybe you'll share with us!

    2. :) only one in my rotation is the Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid one. I love how versatile it is. No powdered or cream bronzer has worked though.

    3. RBR is one of the brand that is on my must-try list. I heard so many good things about it. Thanks for your rec!