Beachy Hair: DIY Salt/Surf Spray

Summer has finally arrived here in full-force (although as we speak, it is cloudy and quite windy outside). In the pursuit of looking like a chic, beach goddess a la Diane here, I've been using up my second bottle of Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray at $25/bottle. That means, I've spent $50 and summer has just started, yikes!!

Since I can't surf the real beach, I surfed the internet for DIY surf/salt sprays and found a bunch of recipes. A few trial and errors later, I came up with my own perfect mixture. Here are the tweaks:

  • More salt will give you more texture but too much of it can be drying, so instead of straight-up sea salt, I use Epsom salt to keep the ends looking less fried. It really depends on your hair. For my medium hair, I use 1 tablespoon; for fine hair, I'd probably use a bit less; for thicker hair a bit more, or you can add more hair texturizer in the mix (see below).
  • Coconut oil in the spray translates to greasy roots and lint/dust magnet on the hair, so I opted for commercially made conditioner (with cationic, or is it anionic, surfactant that repels dust). It makes the overall hair/do looks cleaner, too.
  • Add a squirt of your favorite hair texturizer (I added Kevin Murphy's Hair Resort that smells just like the coconut-y beach) to give a bit more hold.

The recipe:

1 c. warm water (not boiling, just tap-warm)
1 Tbs. Epsom Salt 
1 squirt hair conditioner (about 1/4 tsp. I use Kevin Murphy because that's what's available in my shower)
1-2 squirt(s) hair texturizer/hair gel

Pour all ingredients in an empty jam jar or bottle or container of choice. Shake it like a polaroid picture. If the solution looks cloudy, strain it using a paper towel-lined sieve -- important to do least you want your spray bottle to get clogged up and stop working. Pour the strained liquid into a spray bottle. Style your hair.

The result: 
The spray smells fantastic, thanks to KM Hair Texturizer. It gives enough texture and grip to style, but not too greasy. 

Happy Fourth to everyone and be safe!!


  1. What a fantastic idea & much cheaper than buying!! I've recently discovered LUSH's Sea Spra & have been loving it. When that's finished maybe I'll try this :-)

    1. I heard about LUSH sea spray but don't know how it compares to B&B. This recipe is definitely cheaper.