Je joue avec...

This is what happens when I got trapped in the Toddler's room since he decided to nap downstairs in the living room where everything are (and you only have two main rooms in the entire house). Not to worry because I have several new toys that I can joue with: JOUER Blushing Beauty Palette, A Beautiful Mess and Fuzel apps from iPhone.

First, there won't be any swatches this time (leave me a comment if anyone is interested). There are few excellent blogs that write reviews of JOUER such as Best Things in Beauty.

Second, the little engineer girl in me cheered with joy when I received this. Not only these are make up -aka a grown woman's toy- but they also have nifty packaging. Each compact comes with tongue-and-groove sides and snap-on backing (much like LEGO) that you can configure to your heart's content. This one toy I better not share with ToddlerLorp knowing he'll love to play with this, too.

Finally, the new iPhone apps are also equally addictive. Thanks to Gummy from Gummy Vision, she recommended A Beautiful Mess app as a fun way to edit a picture. I love the quirky fonts, bubbles, doodles and configurations that this app has, but at some point, editing on iPhone gets quite difficult because I cannot re-scale the doodle/clip art small enough using my two-already small fingers. Does anyone have any tips on how to navigate this app easier?
I then made the collage using Fuzel app. Fuzel is a free app, I found this to be one of the nicer collage maker. Anyone else has another collage maker that they like?

Well, the Toddler is almost up now. I better wrap up and enjoy these last few minutes of freedom playing with my new toys.

Update: for your enjoyment, click on my Vine video here. Anyone knows how to embed Vine in Blogger post?


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post!!! I'm so happy you are having fun with a beautiful mess!! YAY :-) Fuzel has been really neat bc I like the fact that you can make custom frames...all the other collage apps I've tried don't do that!!! The only other one I've come across that's different than other collage apps is Photo Collage Creater by Big Blue Clip. It lets you put photos together like an actual collage - you can resize, reposition and turn pics around as you wish along w/ the usual border colors and such.

    1. Haha, you are a real enabler!! I'll check out the Photo Collage Creater, it sounds like what I need. Thanks!