Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2013: My Beauty Pick

Having lived in the -arguably- Nordstrom mecca for about 8 years, I slowly noticed that women here are quite serious about the Anniversary sale that happen usually in mid-summer. Case point: some of my co-workers filed vacation requests to attend the Beauty Event so they won't get any shift assignments on that weekend, and a friend of mine actually sneaked out during her lunch hour to get into the Early Access tent. Yet another friend arranged to have a babysitter on the first day of sale just so she could shop alone.

Last year, I thought the gifts and the special sets were excellent (with Chanel featuring the Asian exclusive). I was surprised earlier this year to find Chanel's Asian exclusive being sold at Saks instead and my suspicion is confirmed: I'm less impressed with the selection of this year's sale. I feel less brands are offering sets (some of them like my favorite Burberry doesn't even offer anything -- apparently still under much wrap and restructuring from the handover business), and if they are, they are less value than it was before. I guess other department stores are catching up with Nordstrom's idea fast (like bringing the Asian exclusive collections) and it seems like Nordstrom has some real competition.

Regardless, I went there on day 1, the first day that they opened the sale to card members, and the store was packed. It was 3 PM, I just got off work, and parking was already hard to find. Personally, I don't shop sales like this but when I do, I look for things I've never tried, wanting to try, or things to replenish to accumulate reward points. So here are a few that went home with me (all images from nordstrom.com -- if you click on the image, it'll link to nordstrom.com page but they are not affiliate links):

Clarisonic Mia2 ($149)

I may very well be the last women in the planet who doesn't own this, and I don't think the price is any cheaper anywhere else, but they have several limited edition colors to choose from and I pick up this mosaic one. Still charging in my bathroom, so can't review this yet.

Butter London Backstage Basics Set ($24)

I've forgotten how much I love Butter London. Sure, the formula is all over the place (it depends on the color) but I found that BL varnish stinks less than any other nail polish brands. Have you noticed how your polish still smells like the solvent hours after you painted it (or even the next day)? Not so with Butter London. This set is a steal! It includes a nail file, full sizes base, top, varnish in the color Thames (not my color, but if it is yours, then it is a double steal!, and a mini size varnish remover. If you would like to complete the set with your own choice of color, Nordie will charge you full price of $15, but if you head to BL's own website, they are having a sale now for 20% off (code FLASH13, 20% off entire order plus free shipping, not sure how long this will last, so hurry!). My fave: Fash Pack (aka Chanel Particuliere's dupe), Yummy Mummy, Shandy, Hens Party and Blagger. P.S. Butter London's Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil smells like the most delicious pina colada ever.

Diptyque Baies and Figuier Set ($120)
I believe I've seen this set somewhere but this is another chance for those of you who would like to owned two of the most popular Diptyque scents along with the cute wick trimmer. 

Guerlain Precious Light Radiance Essential Kit ($57)
If you haven't tried Guerlain (who hasn't??) this is a good set to try their most popular products. If you are a Guerlain user, you can't resist this mini pot and serum bottle for traveling. Guerlain also has GWP for purchases $150 and above.

Now's your turn, what do you think about this year's sale? What items caught your attention? Or will you pass this sale entirely?


  1. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I'm not a Nordstrom card hold and don't have access to the early Anniversary sale. (Whew) That Butter London kit is a great deal. I've used up 2 bottles of the Nail Foundation and Top Coats! Of the basic colors, Yummy Mummy and All Hail the Queen are my favorites!!

    1. Yes both Yummy Mummy and All Hail are my faves too! Also love the Nail Foundation.