Thankful Tuesday

It's been a while since I wrote a Thankful Tuesday. It goes to show that gratitude is much like muscle, you need to exercise it often in order to get it stronger.

Today has been especially bad day for me. Not bad in terms of catastrophe, but more like annoyance: the record-breaking heat, the cancelled shift at work (means no income coming in, again), signing up for an exercise class and actually FORGOT to attend it (and thus got charged for nothing, hrrrumph!!!), etc. So, what better thing to end this day on a high note than writing things that I'm thankful about today:

  • My great new neighbor who moved in and already offered to help me with the garden/yard
  • PapaLorp who came home early from work and now is taking ToddlerLorp to his beloved park, so I can enjoy a bit of time alone and eat dinner in peace
  • ToddlerLorp who is just extra cheerful and giggly today
  • Having enough money to go to Starbucks to buy a slice of banana bread and an iced latte and not having to worry about it. Once I heard that the goal of having money is having enough of it to not worry about spending it, what a luxury indeed!!
  • A working AC and window fan in this sweltering jungle of heat
  • A working car so I could take ToddlerLorp to the mall to pass the time there from the heat
  • A delicious dinner of Takikomi Gohan, made using my brand new rice cooker (this must be THE BEST freebie I've got from my credit card perk)
And here's an extra perk for you, the video on how to make Takikomi Gohan!

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