Drugstore Find: Swisspers Squares and Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

Taking the cues from our European relatives, August is when we, at the Land of Lorp, take the entire month of vacation and doing nothing. That explains the dearth of blog posts lately, our apologies.

I'm due for drugstore find post and these are I think some of the best find I found so far. 

Does Swisspers Premium Cotton Squares remind you of a certain napkins that a woman would use at that time of the month? Despite appearance, these cotton squares perform superbly for applying thin liquids. Each square is made out of strong tissue-like pouch filled with cotton fibers. The result: lint-free cotton squares that resist rubbing and tearing. I personally use this to apply Paula's Choice 2% BHA lotion or other thin lotion on the skin. It absorbs a lot, for sure, but it does not leave any lints and it spreads the product nicely and evenly. I've also used this with eye makeup remover. Again, it soaks up a lot, but you won't need a second pad for cleansing since all the products are still on the pad and no lints! It is a steal for under $5/100 squares at your local drug store. 

Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm is one of those me-too products. Of course, me-too referring to the me-two cleansers that have reached cult-status: Eve Lom and Emma Hardie. None of them are readily accessible to me and I really don't want to spend big money for something I cannot get a sample of or try out in advance. This happy find sat on the newly revamp Boots No.7 shelves at your neighborhood Target (or online from us.boots.com here). At $8 and change, it is a fraction of the price of the original me-two.

We all know that pores don't open/close like doors, and I don't know how this compares to the cult-worshiped products mentioned above. For me, this balm works. The scent is fairly mild (slight citrusy floral that is pleasant). Thanks to the beeswax and shea butter, the texture is very waxy and thick, meaning it also dissolves and moves the most tenacious waterproof sunscreen. Once properly removed with the provided washcloth (soaked in hot water), it leaves my skin clean yet soft and moisturized. I did a Bioderma Sensibio swipe test after I cleansed once with this balm, everything was removed the first time around!

A note about the waxy texture: it's quite warm here during the summer in my bathroom, so I can scoop some product with my fingers, but during winter time, I'd imagine a little spatula is needed to scoop some product out. Once you rub the product between your palms, it melts right of into a balmy consistency that is spreadable. I use about a size of a walnut to clean my face and neck. Oh, did I mention that this one is also good for doing facial massage a la Suqqu? I'm liking this product so much in the summer, I can only imagine buying the second tub during fall/winter when my skin is really dry.

THM: for under $10 each, they can't be wrong!


butter LONDON Airport Nail Salon

When you are traveling, are you checking out the DFS for the newest-latest- exclusive edition of perfumes/cosmetics? When you know someone else is traveling, do you ask them politely to check out the newest-latest-exclusive edition of perfumes/cosmetics? If the answers are yes and yes, then welcome to one of the must-visit destination for beauty fiends out there: butter LONDON Nail Salon at SeaTac Airport.

This salon, which is surprisingly small but cozy, is located inside Terminal C, across gate C2. Despite of numerous, false information, you cannot access this salon without a boarding pass, even if you live in Seattle. So, if you are transiting or flying to/from Seattle, do plan ahead and allow yourself time to check out this place. 

iPhone pictures were taken in a hassle while Papa and ToddlerLorp waiting outside impatiently. Plus, I felt the need to sneak around the staff members because I always wonder if I was actually allowed to take pictures in stores.

One of the first thing that you notice is the cute, rock-chic birdy wall paper against the black framed mirror, chandelier, and furniture.

The stations are arranged in the middle so technicians and clients sit face-to-face on the tables around the two islands. The pedicures and manicures are waterless. 

Check out the wall behind, decked with every single butter LONDON nail color.

Sneaky sneak, butter LONDON now has new makeup line! I tried some of the cream blushes, they are fabulous -- reminds me a lot of the new Chanel cream blush. The lip glosses aren't bad either.

They are having promo galore in the store, so if you are a butter LONDON fan, plan to stock up. When I was there, they had a promo of 2 polishes for $25 + a cute makeup bag which I regretted not getting now. I've had manicure done here once before, the service was super speedy and neat at the same time. My manicure lasted a week, it was a good 20 minutes spent while waiting for boarding call. I wish I can do a pedicure, but the boys just couldn't wait to move on!

Yes, I can never abandon my Chanels and Diors, but among all the nail polishes I have, butter LONDON is the least stinky. About an hour or two after polish, usually I do not detect solvent smell anymore. 

So, get some helping of Yummy Mummy, Crumpets, and Cream Tea. Have you been to butter LONDON Nail Salon at SeaTac Airport? Also, by the way, where is Nonie Creme now?


Chic Summer Hair, Part Deux

In the effort of looking chic and always presentable, but with unruly hair and a toddler who screams "Mama!!" every two seconds while I'm trying to get ready in the bathroom, I came across this installment from ITG that I thought was perfect!

Sure, I've been wearing my braided hair on the second day, but it is getting too tedious and I'd like to shake things up a bit. Armed with Surf/Salt Spray (esp the DIY version), second day hair has never been quicker and chic-er. My hair is currently around shoulder-blade length, layered, thin, and still with the baby-hair mullet from pregnancy (I can't believe I'm still having this two years on!).

On a second-day hair, I decided to follow the ITG tutorial -- which to be honest is not a tutorial at all and more like a general direction without giving out too much detail. What I've done:
  • Start with dry hair (cause if I have time to wash my hair on the second day, I'd rather sleep instead!) and apply the salt spray all over, alternating with regular water (also put into spray bottle).
  • Blot hair to dampness with towel, and start raking it into pony tail, high or low your choice.
  • Here's where I improvise a bit: I quickly blast my blow dryer on the damp pony to "activate" the tackiness of the salt spray. While doing so, I scrunch my hair to give it a bit more texture and messiness to it. Back-combing also won't hurt, I just don't have time to do it. Then I just pull the last pony tail loop half-way through and start spreading the resulting bun around the elastic to hide it, securing it with a bobby pin or two.
  • Pull some stray hairs around the face to frame.
Voila, J.Crew-chic in five minutes flat!

We are having visitors here at the Land of the Lorp for the next few weeks, in the meantime I hope you are enjoying your summer, wherever you are.