butter LONDON Airport Nail Salon

When you are traveling, are you checking out the DFS for the newest-latest- exclusive edition of perfumes/cosmetics? When you know someone else is traveling, do you ask them politely to check out the newest-latest-exclusive edition of perfumes/cosmetics? If the answers are yes and yes, then welcome to one of the must-visit destination for beauty fiends out there: butter LONDON Nail Salon at SeaTac Airport.

This salon, which is surprisingly small but cozy, is located inside Terminal C, across gate C2. Despite of numerous, false information, you cannot access this salon without a boarding pass, even if you live in Seattle. So, if you are transiting or flying to/from Seattle, do plan ahead and allow yourself time to check out this place. 

iPhone pictures were taken in a hassle while Papa and ToddlerLorp waiting outside impatiently. Plus, I felt the need to sneak around the staff members because I always wonder if I was actually allowed to take pictures in stores.

One of the first thing that you notice is the cute, rock-chic birdy wall paper against the black framed mirror, chandelier, and furniture.

The stations are arranged in the middle so technicians and clients sit face-to-face on the tables around the two islands. The pedicures and manicures are waterless. 

Check out the wall behind, decked with every single butter LONDON nail color.

Sneaky sneak, butter LONDON now has new makeup line! I tried some of the cream blushes, they are fabulous -- reminds me a lot of the new Chanel cream blush. The lip glosses aren't bad either.

They are having promo galore in the store, so if you are a butter LONDON fan, plan to stock up. When I was there, they had a promo of 2 polishes for $25 + a cute makeup bag which I regretted not getting now. I've had manicure done here once before, the service was super speedy and neat at the same time. My manicure lasted a week, it was a good 20 minutes spent while waiting for boarding call. I wish I can do a pedicure, but the boys just couldn't wait to move on!

Yes, I can never abandon my Chanels and Diors, but among all the nail polishes I have, butter LONDON is the least stinky. About an hour or two after polish, usually I do not detect solvent smell anymore. 

So, get some helping of Yummy Mummy, Crumpets, and Cream Tea. Have you been to butter LONDON Nail Salon at SeaTac Airport? Also, by the way, where is Nonie Creme now?


  1. That is just about the neatest thing I've seen in an airport in the US!!! Unfortunately we don't fly out of that terminal, but I might have to visit it just to check this out!

    1. Yes, I highly recommend this one, if you have downtime. SeaTac is not that huge, I don't know how tight is your schedule, but their hours are very extended so good chance you may be able to get in! If so, do tweet/instagram us about it.

  2. Looks really good. Nice display of salon products.