Chic Summer Hair, Part Deux

In the effort of looking chic and always presentable, but with unruly hair and a toddler who screams "Mama!!" every two seconds while I'm trying to get ready in the bathroom, I came across this installment from ITG that I thought was perfect!

Sure, I've been wearing my braided hair on the second day, but it is getting too tedious and I'd like to shake things up a bit. Armed with Surf/Salt Spray (esp the DIY version), second day hair has never been quicker and chic-er. My hair is currently around shoulder-blade length, layered, thin, and still with the baby-hair mullet from pregnancy (I can't believe I'm still having this two years on!).

On a second-day hair, I decided to follow the ITG tutorial -- which to be honest is not a tutorial at all and more like a general direction without giving out too much detail. What I've done:
  • Start with dry hair (cause if I have time to wash my hair on the second day, I'd rather sleep instead!) and apply the salt spray all over, alternating with regular water (also put into spray bottle).
  • Blot hair to dampness with towel, and start raking it into pony tail, high or low your choice.
  • Here's where I improvise a bit: I quickly blast my blow dryer on the damp pony to "activate" the tackiness of the salt spray. While doing so, I scrunch my hair to give it a bit more texture and messiness to it. Back-combing also won't hurt, I just don't have time to do it. Then I just pull the last pony tail loop half-way through and start spreading the resulting bun around the elastic to hide it, securing it with a bobby pin or two.
  • Pull some stray hairs around the face to frame.
Voila, J.Crew-chic in five minutes flat!

We are having visitors here at the Land of the Lorp for the next few weeks, in the meantime I hope you are enjoying your summer, wherever you are.


  1. Omigosh this is such a great picture!!! and I so WISH I could do my hair like the J. Crew cover. Sigh. Happy you've found a quick way to achieve that look!!!

    1. LOL don't think I look anything like that model, not even the hair! Think of it more like an inspiration/idea as a way to do hair :-)

  2. Sounds easy enough, thanks for sharing :-)