A Peek into my Bathroom

Happy Labor Day and welcome back to Earth. Today, I thought I'd post one of those voyeur posts. After all, blogging is a little bit about sharing your private life to the world, no?

There's really no bath in my bathroom per se. There's a utilitarian shower with shower curtain, a toilet and a sink. All three of us at the Land of Lorp use this tiny room every day. Very convenient and practical. If I need a soak, I head to the nearest hothouse.

Let's take a tour of my tiny shower! (Links are not affiliate -- they are provided for your convenience in case you want to check out price, ingredients, etc.)

If you are a frequent of my blog, you'll notice that rarely my pictures are stylized. All the products have been used, nothing is pristine. I feel pictures with used products are more honest presentation of my real, everyday experience. So, pardon the soapy icicles from PapaLorp's Dove Men +Care soap. He likes to use soap and nothing but soap to clean his body. 

Apart from that, I have rudimentary showering equipment/tools. Razor is a must-have, of course. Then the orange puff, whose string is the only visible part in the picture above. I've been using the SALUX cloth I moved to Seattle back in 2006. I discovered this wonderful exfoliating cloth at a local Japanese grocery. The texture of this cloth is similar to exfoliating mitts that one may use in a Korean-style scrub. Combined with any liquid/cream body wash, it produces the most fluffy, luxurious lather, again reminiscent of that at Korean bath houses. I'm pleasantly surprised to find another blogger/writer, Jennifer from The Daily Connoisseur, who also enjoys this SALUX cloth. Another item that I use a lot is the black, $1.99 detangler I bought from Walmart. I use that to apply conditioner/hair mask on my hair, also to give my scalp a bit of a massage. 

On the ledge are Whole Foods Fragrance Free Shampoo, EOS Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss, and Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Wash (a sample of which I've subsequently purchased a full-size). The shampoo is quite basic: mostly cocoamidopropyl betaine that somewhat clarifying but never strip my hair dry. It doesn't lather much like most of sulfate-free shampoo, so I just concentrate on the roots of the hair. It rinses easily and cleanly. The EOS is a non-foaming shave cream: it is a consistency of a lotion. Since it is a non-foaming lotion, I need to make sure to rinse my razor thoroughly after each use since bits of it can clog the slits in between the razor blades. The Cetaphil body wash is not the same as the original non-foaming Cetaphil. This one is surfactant-based and produces creamy foam. It is also fragrance-free, washes off cleanly and does not dry my skin. For eczema sufferer like me, I found this body wash to be superior to Aveeno/Dove/other moisturizing, surfactant-base drug stores cleansers out there.

I've reviewed the SkinMedica Facial Cleanser here. Normally, I'd wash my face before shower using non-surfactant based cleanser (like cleansing balm, oil, etc.), but for the few occasions that I can't, I use this to cleanse my face. Kevyn Murphy Hydrate-Me Rinse is a light but hydrating conditioner. I like Kevyn Murphy line in general and it does not have parabens/sulfates in it. I alternate the Klorane Mango Butter Conditioning Balm with Kerastase Masquintense (not shown) as hair mask once a week. I like the Kerastase better, so I think I won't repurchase the Klorane.

If I need a bit of luxury in the shower, I put a couple of drops of essential oil of choice on a wash cloth and set it on floor of my shower. The warmth of the water helps evaporate and circulate the aroma and before long, it feels like I'm showering in the fanciest spa. I've shared with you my favorite eucalyptus EO for Fall/Winter. During Spring/Summer, I love using the invigorating lavender EO, sometimes with orange/bergamot added to it. All of these EOs can be found at your local stores. You don't need the highest/food grade quality and a little bottle lasts a long time.

Do you use any of the products I use above? What's your luxury shower/bath product that you use regularly?


  1. This was great fun, taking a peep in your shower! :)
    I love the Salux cloth and love the gentle exfoliation, too! Such a great item. But when I need heavy-duty exfoliation I use the rougher-grit textured Korean ones which seems to slough off the dead skin like no other.
    My husband uses the drugstore shampoos and I have my hoard of rotating Kerastase. I'm a bad person.

    1. Pray tell about the Korean exfoliant! I've tried to find one, Salux is the only closest one that I could find. Don't feel bad about your DH: before DH met me, he shampooed using bar soap. Yep, bar soap. I think the Whole Foods 'poo is an improvement, no?

    2. Like this:

      I buy them from the Korean supermarket, they are usually right alongside the Salux.

      I literally loled when you mentioned your DH used a bar soap. My dh is sometimes using moisturizer and using lip balm. What's the likelihood our husbands will embrace the Tom Ford mens' range? :DD

    3. Thanks for the scrubber rec! We do have Korean grocer here, but quite a drive.

      Our poor husbands. Tom Ford? Not a chance.. he doesn't even wear sunscreen, left alone men-cealer :-DD

  2. Ah ha!! Loved this voyeur post!!! Hubs and I each have a shelf on the caddy in the bathroom. He's usually pretty good about washing his face in the shower and will use about anything I suggest or don't use anymore. But for body wash he's partial to his Axe!! LOL!! I used to use a scrubbie thing in the shower but now I just use a wash cloth. every once in awhile I'll dry brush before getting in...I should do that more but I get cold! Ha ha